Some Online Games Cause Death!

Sad, but true.  Meeting “a new friend” while plaing an online game
has cost several people their lives.

The online gaming environment is a unique situation where any two
people, of any age or gender can quickly become friends and feel
that they have known each other a long time.



That type of relationship can be dangerous because it’s an illusion
and that “friend” could be out to get you.  You’ll never know that
because your feelings tell you that friend is trustworthy and would
never harm you.


You brush off the warnings of adults as over reacting and paranoid.


Better safe than sorry, (or dead).

Mind-Control with a Game?

It seems that the future is here now for gamers. A headset will be
available later this year that reads your mind and then interacts
with the game, but who is controling whom?


This headset actually senses the neural activity inside your head and
translates that into actions in the game.  Think “right” the mouse moves
right. Think “shoot now” and your game weapon begins firing.

The downside?  You have to put some gel on your scalp. How many gamers
are going to do that everyday?


And, by the way, how do we know that this headset is not inputing some
data into your stream of consciousness?


Get me outta here! Accused of Absolute Fraud!

Online poker is built on the supposition that the games are run fairly.  The industry
brings in about 12 billion dollars a year.  With so much money on the line, who can
you really trust?


online-poker is baeed on a somewhat autonomous Mohawk indian reservation
near Montreal, CA.  The accusations come from a few of the players themselve.
One of them was the Second Place winner of $20,000. He thought something was
a bit suspicious so he requested a “hand history”.  What he got was the Master
Hand history which showed not just his hands, but everyone’s hands. This led
him to look even deeper and he could glean some very odd dealings.

Reportedly, police are investigaing these allegations.

UK Office Workers Lose 336 Million Dollars!

Did you know that almost one-third of office staff in UK admit to
gambling while at work?  And recent research revealed that this
activity cost 300 million euros, (336 million US), in lost


What is the matter with these people?  They can’t wait to place
that bet until their lunch break or until they get home?  Where
is their devotion to their employer?  Where is their sense of
duty and loyalty?

And so, in light of this, the UK Parliment, in it’s infinite wisdom
has passed a law LEGALIZING online gambling. So, at they will be
legally wasting $336,000,000 every year.

Btw, passage of this law make the UK the very first to do so
in the industrial world.



Gaming Skills are Usefull for Real Wartime!

Have you heard of Crusher?  It’s a seven-ton, six-wheeled,, all-wheel drive, US

Army vehicle that goes anywhere it wants.  Over rocks and through fences is a

piece of cake for Crusher.




But, get this, the Crusher is un-manned, remote controlled by gaming
systems.  It has a console racing controller, complete with steering
wheel and pedals.  Then it has an Xbox controller to turn the cameras,
lift the vehicle’s mast, and fire it’s weapons.


So, if you’re good at gaming, you might have a nice career in the Army.

Gaming Growth Last Year Topped All Others!

Yup, video gaming outpaced music and music during 2007. According to the Entertainment Software Association, almost 19 billion US dollars was spent on gaming during 2007.  That’s a lot of popcorn!  In fact, ESA CEO and president Michael D. Gallagher. “On average, an astonishing 9 games were sold every second of every day of the year.”   Whew!  Where’d they get all that money?


To put that into perspective, the total 2008 budget for US Homeland Security was about 43 million!*  So, we spent about 400 times more on games than on our national security. LOL


Of course, a lot of this has to do with Nintendo Wii,sales at 6 million units, the Xbox with 4.5 million units, and the PS2 with 4 million units.  That’s a huge increase in sales in 2007.


ps2 xbox nintendo wii



Let’s see what this year brings.


Happy New Year!








Grand Theft Auto Banned!

Thailand has banned Grand Theft Auto, (GTA), after some teenager
killed a cab driver in what appeared to be copycat murder and
the GTA distributer refused to re-stock stores.


The police have stated the reason for the ban was ‘obsence content’.
Any shopkeepers found selling GTA will immediately be arrested and
could face up to a three year sentence in prison.






The details:

A Thai teen still in high school has been arrested for robbery and
possession of a dangerous weapon after police found the body of a
taxi driver in his cab.  The teen is facing the death penalty or
life in prison if convicted


According to police the teen lost his mind because he could not afford
to play GTA.  GTA encourages gamers to kill people and steal their cars
to gain points.


GTA has been widely criticized for it’s raw representation of violence,
murder, drug dealing, and prostitution.  GTA has sold over 70 million
copies worldwide.

New York’s Crazy New Gaming Law!

The New York state legislators have passed a really crazy new law, though it is not yet signed

by the governor.  Basically, if you sell a “violent” video game to a minor, you could face up to

three years in prison.


I wonder exactly how they define “violent”?  A car crashing could be considered violent. Some

people falling down stairs also could be considered violent. One video character punching

another video character might be violent.


To make matters worse, it will be mandated that all console have built-in parental controls.


This is really a clear case of government contolling society.