Online Games More Popular Than Sex

A report from Experian claims that playing video games is the third most popular online activity at 51% after shopping at 90%, and personal banking at 88%. Most of this activity is happening on smartphones due to their

  • ever-lowering prices,
  • always-on connectivity,
  • hot spots everywhere,
  • and increasing technology.


People have found a way of passing the time when:

  • waiting in an airport,
  • between classes in school,
  • waiting for supper to cook,
  • riding a bus,
  • riding a subway,
  • riding a train,
  • waiting in line anywhere.


Although sending email and social chat are still mainstays, playing a game online is just a click away with any smartphone. With this much activity and convenience, online games are getting a lot of attention from:


  • new players,
  • game developers,
  • franchises,
  • operators,
  • and advertisers.


According to a Newzoo report, the consumer spending on games will likely exceed $180 billion in 2021. And most of that spending will be done with mobile devices, in fact, already mobile spending accounts for almost 80% of the revenue on the popular online app stores.