Online Gamers Learn While Having Fun


Digital games, video games, and especially online games have become so popular that the number of PC gamers in China is more than the total population of the US and that does not include Chinese mobile gamers. It’s astonishing! This popularity is great for the economy, in that, the game developers are thriving as are the game publishers. Plus there are many small businesses that cater to the big boys. But what is gaming doing to the gamers?


Recent studies are showing that online gaming is actually good for the gamers for these five main reasons:

  • Online Gaming Improves Memory: Online games require strong memory skills, so as a person plays more, they tend to further develop their memory and retention.
  • Online Gaming Builds Concentration: You just can’t win online games if you are easily distracted. The games force a person to pay attention and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Many Online Games Enhance Life Knowledge: Playing some quizzes and puzzles can help with vocabulary, math, current events, sporting facts, and even history.
  • Online Gaming Improves Competence: No one enjoys losing all the time, therefore, everyone playing online games tries to win as much as possible and since most games have skill-levels, a player can build their confidence and competence as they move along.
  • Online Gaming Coordination: Even the first arcade games required hand and eye coordination to shoot down those aliens. Todays games are more complex such as flying a helicopter around mountains and rivers.