[ONLINE GAMBLING] Chinese Invading South Asian Nations!


It seems that the Chinese prefer doing their illegal gambling in countries other than their own. Who can blame them since getting caught on Chinese soil would likely mean a horrible prison sentence. For example, on December 4th, two ringleaders of an illegal online gambling scam were sentenced to life in prison. And the other operators involved received from 6 months to 15 years just for their participation in the scam.


Here are a few recent incidents:

November 22 – fifteen Chinese nationals were arrested in Manila and Angeles City for working in the country illegally and for being involved in illegal online gambling operations. Equipment that officers of the National Bureau of Investigation seized from the units were Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, laptops and desktops. Oddly, it is estimated that from 200,000 to 400,000 Chinese nationals may be working in Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations companies.


On December 21 – police in Malaysia broke up an online gambling operation that included over 30 Chinese nationals, many of whom the police believe were tricked into working for the gambling ring.


December 20 – there was another incident in the Philippines, officers from the NBI arrested 14 Chinese nationals for illegal online gambling in Bacolor. In this case, the NBI even published there names.

Arrested were:

  • Chen Ya Ting
  • Chen Chengang
  • Sun Qiao Yan
  • Wei Bing
  • Lei Shi Feng
  • Gao Cheng Feng
  • Lin Jin
  • Wang Hai Tao
  • Wu Cheng Pin
  • Ruan Cheng Hui
  • Gao Fei
  • Chen Long Xi

This problem is repeated every few months so there is a hole in the visa policy somewhere.