Online Casino Advertising is Targeting Your Kids

The official government advertising watchdog in the United Kingdom, the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority is reporting that quite a few online gambling ads are being shown to children on the web. Of course, no one can really control where kids will browse on the internet, but there are certain rules that restrict where gambling ads can be placed.


The Advertising Standards Authority set up a wide area type of sting by creating many dummy children profiles which then simulated the known browsing habits of children online. For over two weeks, the advertisements displayed were monitored and the Advertising Standards Authority found 43 gambling operators that were displaying ads on sites that children can easily access.


Some of those sites include:

  • 20 YouTube channels
  • 20 various children sites


However, only five gambling operators were found to actually violate the code which bans all online gambling ads targeting individuals under the age of 18:

  • Multilotto,
  • Vikings Video Slot,
  • Redbet,
  • Unibet,
  • and PlayOjo.

One of the gambling operators, Vikings Video Slot, turns out to be the most common violater accounting for almost half of the advertising. The response from Viking was “The advert did not lead to under-18 gambling.” But the point remains that the children saw the ads and therefore ‘the desire’ to gamble was triggered.