New Online Games Store Will Rival Apple Store!




Epic Games, the maker of the huge hit Fortnite recently announced that they will be launching an online games store similar to Apple’s, Google’s, and Valve’s stores. Fortnite Battle Royale is said to have a player base of over 200 million and has raked in of $1 billion USD by way of in-game microtransactions. The game itself is free to play which attracts a lot of players. Fortnite has everyone from young teens to celebrities as it’s players. Some say that it’s a cultural phenomenon.


Because of it’s overall acceptance and popularity, Epic Games is sure to draw a huge crowd to it’s online games store, but the real kicker is that Epic has taken the bold step of asking for only 12% from app developers; that’s less than half of what the other games stores are charging. This could put pressure on Google, Apple, and Valve and eventually change the whole game-ecosystem.


“This is a big deal and has potentially far-reaching
implications well beyond just game developers”
Benjamin Schachter, an analyst with Macquarie Capital.


In another cost saving move, Epic will wave royalty fees for it’s game development tool Unreal Engine when the game is hosted in their store. All in all, Epic will be shaking things up.


We’ll see what happens!