Is it Possible to Win $1 Million with Online Slots?


Most casino gamblers will tell you that slots are the most difficult game to win money since they are so random and so electronically controlled. However, in some rare cases, the slots can be very lucrative. A case in point is the news of a man named ‘Jay’, (and a few of his friends), that beat the online casinos in New Jersey on two occasions, once in January and then again in February of this year to the tune of almost $1 million. But Jay didn’t simply get lucky, he had a legal advantage and the casinos were more or less forced to pay off his winnings.


How did Jay do it?
Jay is what is known in the casino gambling circles as ‘an advantage player’ which means that he studies the slot games for built-in flaws or opportunities that the slot game manufacturer did not expect. In this case, it was two different slots games: Golden Egypt and Ocean Magic. Jay noticed that when there are two bonus coins showing at the top of the game, (this is normal, but rare), there will be more Wild icons in the game and therefore a much better chance of winning.


To make a long, (and technical), story short, Jay would simply increase the size of his bets to the maximum during the bonus games, then reduce his bets until the next bonus spin.


Sorry, but this is not recommended for the casual player. Jay has been doing this type of thing for almost 20 years.