How To Buy Xbox Games Online!

The evolution of video games distribution in the last twenty years has been nothing short of mind boggling from bulky plastic cartridges in the 80s to digital downloads over the internet. Even though the plastic cartridges have transformed to CDs and now DVDs and that market is still going fairly strong, the trend of buying online is growing every day. Internet speeds are faster than ever expected and the gaming boxes have plenty of storage space for the downloads. It’s easier and faster to buy online than driving to the store and fighting the crowds and people love that convenience.


Buying games online is easy with the Xbox Store which covers the Xbox One family, and that includes the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The Xbox Store will allow you to buy and download games with your Xbox console or your PC or laptop. The Xbox Store is the official and most complete collection of Xbox software; the selection is absolutely gigantic! The Xbox Store not only has the latest trending titles, but also it has small arcade games and even older Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. The prices are reasonable, ranging from $5.00USD to about $75.00USD.


What’s nice about buying from the Xbox Store with a web browser is that there’s a button that you can click that will download and install the game!