China Ahead of the World (again!)


China has the lead in what’s called 5G broadband; super fast connections. Their pet corporation, Huawei, is number two in the world for smartphone sales, they’ve expanded their landmass by building artificial islands, and China is the world’s biggest online games market. What’s next?


Now the Chinese have established an Online Game Ethics Committee that will vet online games, (established by the Central Propaganda Department, no less). At first glance it seems that this committee will protect kids from bad games and bad actors in those games. It might do that, but the bigger picture is that this committee will enforce and advance the Chinese government’s social order.


Of the first twenty games that were reviewed, nine were rejected, the other eleven were sent back with instructions to make certain changes. The Chinese online game industry has already been having a slow year due to other government regulations. Even TenCent Holdings, the leader in online games in China, reported lost over US$100bil (RM417bil) in market value since the beginning of the year. This is due to the government not approving and new titles in 2018. The reasons they give were violent content, sexual content, nearsightedness in children and teens, and quell addiction fears.