Boosting an Online Game Means Jail Time!


If you’re new to online gaming, ‘boosting’ might be a new term for you. Boosting is basically cheating by various means such as having a friend join the other team and letting you kill him which you gain points for the kill. Another way is if a skilled player plays on a less skilled friend’s account in order to help that friend boost their ranking.


Although online games are popular all around the world, there are some countries where playing online games is more than just a casual pastime; it’s an obsession and if players are highly skilled they can earn substantial money playing some of the games. Where there is money, there is always some people that will do anything in order to get some sort of unfair advantage.


South Korea is one of those countries where ‘gaming’ is rampant. There are internet cafes that stay open all night and the seats are usually filled with teens playing games and trying to improved their skills and advantage. In South Korea, there are actually online ‘boosting’ services that will bring unskilled players into a certain game of your choice in order to make it easier for you to excel.


However, recently, the South Korean government has been cracking down on boosting and if one is caught, it could actually mean time spent in jail.

Is it worth it?