Betting on President Trumps Truthfulness! actually took bets if President Trump would spout any ‘false statements’ during his prime time oval office address to the nation Wednesday evening regarding his border wall policy. In a rare occurrence, the bookie lost money because in a not so rare occurrence, President Trump indeed told at least six falsehoods according to the Washington Post’s fact checker. Apparently, was guessing that President Trump would hold close to the facts while using the teleprompter and knowing that the whole world is watching, all three US networks aired his address ABC, CBS, and NBC. Also airing the address live was Fox News and CNN. claimed to have lost almost $300,000 because they did not anticipate President Trump would make so many false statements. Political commentators have chimed in the has not been paying attention to President Trump for the last two years.


A few of President Trumps False or Misleading Statements:

  • President Trump warned of a “security crisis at the southern border” — even though the number of people caught trying to cross illegally is near 20-year lows.


  • President Trump warned that thousands of illegal immigrants are trying to enter our country every day, according to his administration, the average is in the hundreds.


  • President Trump claimed that 90 percent of the heroin in the United States comes across the border with Mexico, however, most of the drugs come through legal entry.

Did you bet?