Best Mixed Martial Arts Games!


Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is getting more and more popular everyday! It all started about twenty years ago with no holds barred, bare-fisted slugging in a boxing ring without the sanctions of any official boxing or sports commission. It was so violent that most TV channels would no broadcast it. But, MMA has come along way, sanctioned in every state in the US and most countries. Nowadays, they usually fight inside an octagon shaped arena instead of the traditional square boxing ring. There are rules in place to subdue the violence, but there is still plenty of broken bones and spilled blood.


Anything that is so popular in real life is bound to show up in the online games industry and MMA is no exception. There are dozens of online MMA type of games, but one of the most popular and realistic is Street Fighter V of the Street Fighter series. The Street Fighter series actually started in the late 80s, but vast improvement have been made in the way of graphics and authenticity. You can jump right in and go up against one of the opponents or train your avatar to take on the best of the best.


There is also the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection; a boxed set of games with background extras that is sure to keep any MMA enthusiast amused for weeks.