Minecraft Hits 91 Billion Active Users!


A few years ago, Microsoft bought Mojang, the company behind Minecraft for $2.5 billion! That’s quite a piece of change to pay for an online game even one as popular as Minecraft was at the time.


Many of the industry experts claimed that Microsoft paid way too much for Mojang. However, Microsoft’s move is paying off now as the Minecraft active user base continues to grow; now 91 billion monthly active users. In fact, in the fiscal quarter following Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft game profits were up by 79%. That’s a $171 million increase! In one 24 hour period, more than 10,000 people have bought the game.


Furthermore, as Minecraft has already been used in education for teaching math, physics, and even religion, Microsoft is well positioned to scale it up for even more diverse usage. Some reports have a sequel for Minecraft in a virtual reality version. Since the basic gameplay in Minecraft is creating, exploring, and mining the game’s resources in order to build new structures and even new characters. That type of activity lends itself very easily to the learning processes in education and industry.


For example, in Seattle, Washington, elementary students are using Minecraft to compute area and volume in their Math class. Another program in Los Angeles, California, students are using Minecraft in their Humanities class building replicas of sacred international sites.



Bitcoin is the Perfect Solution!

There was a day not too long ago when buying Bitcoin was said to be a major gamble,
but now half of the Bitcoins spent are spent on gambling. There are several very
importain reasons for this.

  • Easy Withdrawals,
  • Fast Withdrawals,
  • Financial Anonymity,
  • Low Transfer Fees,
  • Wide Choices.


Easy Withdrawals:
Many online casinos make it a bit difficult to collect your winnings and although
it might be unethical, they have their reasons. First, as long as your winnings
are in your account, you are more likely to wager them. Second. as long as your
winnings are in their bank account, they are earning interest on your money! This
difficulty just doesn’t exist with Bitcoins. You want them, you got them!


Financial Anonymity:
Bitcoins do not use any bank, they are peer-to-peer in a blockchain arrangement.
Therefore, you will not need to use your credit cards and that means that the
government, (and your spouse), will not know about your winnings!


Low Transfer Fees:
The deposit and withdrawal fees for eWallets are substantially lower than the
credit card companies. Plus, gamblers utilizing online casinos in a foreign
country have to pay a currency exchange fee, but that doesn’t exist with


Bitcoins are the perfect solution to all the payment issues regarding your
online gambling. And there are more and more online casinos that are accepting
bitcoin. You can check some online casino reviews here




Can Online Games Cause Divorce?

There was a time when we joked about ‘football widows’ meaning that the wife was
left alone because the husband was always watching NFL football games. That was
when the NFL games were on every Sunday. Uusally, two games, one after the other.
Guys like to get together with some beers and pizza while hootin’ and hollerin’
about the game place on the TV. Now, in addition to the games on Sunday, there’s
also a Monday night game and a Thursday night NFL football game.


However, something has over taken the NFL games on TV, and that is the multiplayer
online games such as Fortnite.


According to Divorce Online, a U.K. company that offers divorce services…

“At least 200 couples in the United Kingdom filed for

divorce in 2018 while citing addiction to online survival

game Fortnite and other online games as one of the

reasons for their parting of ways.”


Fortnite is not the only online game being blamed, but it’s the most popular. Based
on data from the developer, Epic Games, there are over 125 million global, active players
and Fortnite has brought in over $1 billion since it was published in 2017.


The good news, (for the game developers), is that only 5% of the 4,665 divorce petitions
actually cited ‘online games’ as the problem.

Sexual Harassment Online Brings Jail Time?


There is a distinct possibility that in the near future, sexual harassment during
online games could result in a prison sentence for the offender. With all the publicity
of the MeToo movement and the falling from grace of so many men in very high positions
of power in Holywood, politics, universities, sports, and the corporate world, virtual
sexual harassment seems to be a next logical step.


It may sound like something that would take years of pressure from activist groups and
years of legislative debate in order to even begin the making of such a law, however,
that process has begun in S. korea already!


According to a Seoul newspaper, A representative from the South Korean National Assembly’s
Gender Equality and Family Committee has begun work on a bill that would make online game
sexual harassment punishable by law!


Enforcement of such a law might be a problem claim the critics of the legislation. However,
online games in S. Korea require a social security number during signup, therefore, if
one player files a reports on another player, the identities of both players would be
known by the game’s host. At that point, it would be up to the game’s host to notify
the local authorities.


This law, if passed, it would definitely be a “game changer”!

Draftkings Monopolizes Mobile Sports Betting!


Draftkings enjoyed a monopoly in mobile sports betting in August and almost beat
all of the landbased sports betting establishments.



August figures according to the Division of Gaming Enforcement:

  • Meadowlands Racetrack’s – $3.06 million,
  • Draftkings mobile sports betting platform – $2.97 million,
  • Monmouth Park – $898,000.
  • Borgata Casino – $855,000,
  • Ocean Resort Casino – $520,000,
  • Harrah’s Casino – $299,000,
  • Bally’s Wild West – $268,000,
  • Golden Nugget – $215,000.

From that list, one can see that Draftkings mobile sports betting beat everyone except
the Meadowland’s Racetrack and Monmouth Park was a distant third. Even the combined take
of the casinos, $2.25 million, didn’t match Draftking’s income. Draftkings featured
major league baseball, the National Football League, and some of the US Open tennis


Taxes for the state of New Jersey:

The brick and mortar casinos combined taxes to the state was $516,000 at the rate of
8.5%. The sports betting sector had to pay $406,000 in taxes at the rate of 13%. Keep
in mind that this was just for one month.


Since the online mobile sports betting is just getting started in New Jersey, we can
see that it’s going to overwhelm the landbased casinos is short order.

Do Online Games Improve Math Skills?


The short answer is yes, but only for those playing very often and that group
normally is boys more so than girls.


Girls are certainly capable of playing those games, but there is some resistance
in the online multigame culture that demeans girl players.

  • Almost all of the multiplayer games are centered around a male hero and
  • almost all of them contain a lot of violence;
  • killing,
  • explosions,
  • shooting,
  • and blood.


That’s not an attractive combination for the girls. And when the main

characters is female she is usually sexualized.


Many of you will say that your already knew all of this, but now there is

strong evidence from official studies.


The University of British Columbia, (UBC), recently conducted a study of a group
of boys and a group of girls. They cross compared: boys, girls, math scores, and
the frequency of playing online multiplayer games.


Lead researcher and UBC economist Nicole Fortin said:

“Up to a third of that difference can be attributed to online gaming…Playing games
intensively likely enhances some math skills, such as strategic problem solving and
visual-spatial skills…”


The study, published in Research in Labor Economics. shows that boys play daily multiplayer
online games three times more often than girls.