Another Country Legalizes Online Gambling?


Belarus, a country we don’t hear much about, is planning to legalized online
gambling. Just in case you might be a little bit weak on your geography, Belarus
is located in eastern Europe and surrounded by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia,
and Ukraine. Beling landlocked, online gambling could be a good source of extra
income for the country.


The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has just signed legislation this
past week that will define the operational aspects of the gambling establishments.
The legislation covers the licensing, taxation procedures, as well as the conditions
and requirements in order to establish a gambling business.


President Lukashenko’s legislation will be strict, in that, the approval of a license
will only be granted if a large deposit, (amount not mentioned), is made into a designated
account. The tax authorities would have to be given remote access to the establishment
and a independent computer system would be used to cover cash transactions.


Also, the minimum legal age to gamble online would be 21 years old even though the
current minimum at brick and mortar casinos is just 18 years old.


Another section of this new legislation will require all brick and mortar casinos
to have video surveillance systems installed.


The good news for all Belarus casinos is that their tax rate will be frozen for
the next three years. Overall, things look good for Belarus casinos!

Gang Rape in a Kids Game?




Roblox, just in case you haven’t heard, is an online game
aimed at children. In fact, it’s rated 7+ on the Apple
store and according to a company spokesperson, Roblox
has been awarded a KidSafe seal by the US Federal Trade


Roblox is designed to allow each player to create their
own virtual world where other players can play whatever
games have been created in that virtual world. Roblox
uses the familar Lego-like blocks to create the virtual
world, but not all of the ‘blocks’ are actually block-shaped.
There are round ‘blocks’ and other shapes. That means
that the creator of any particular game could be a little
girl across town or a pedophile across the world.


In one incident recently reported, a 7 year old girl joined
a new game and was immediately sexually attacked, basically
gang-raped by two male avatars. Of course it was her avatar
that was the victim and she did not even realize what was
happening on the screen.


Roblox responded quickly to this reported incident, identified
the security breach, and found and banned the perpetrator.

Of course, Roblox is not the only online game where this type
of sexual content appears. The fact that Roblox is aimed
at young children means that the sexual perpetrators of the
world are stalking the easiest targets.

Online – Trust No One!

Every online gamer has heard of Fortnite. Fortnite is one of the most
popular online games drawing over 45,000,000 players. Fortnite is a
first person shooter, (FPS), game played with the royale scheme which
generally means that the playing field, (the battlefield), shrinks as
the game progresses, thereby, increasing the desperation of the competing


Fortnite is a free-to-play game, but there are tons of in-game items
that can be purchased in order to enhance the playing activity. These
items include weapons as well as clothing and even armor.


Recently, a teenager named Jake was playing Fortnite and after having
spent over $300, (of his own money), on new clothes for his in-game
character, he was offered more cool items for free by another player.
The “free” should have raised a red flag, but Jake was eager to get
some armor and new weapons.


The other player convinced Jake that he could transfer some great
accessories to Jake’s account if he had Jake’s password. Jake bit
on the bait and you can probably guess the rest of the story. Jake
not only did NOT get any items free, his avatar was deleted, his
password was changed, and his mother’s credit card that was attached
to his account was used illegally.

So…never, never, EVER, give your password!



Just last week, Mr. Agarwal of Lafayette, Indiana, lost a bunch
of money at an online gambling site without ever placing one bet.

According to Lafayette police Lt. Scott Galloway,
runs a scam where once they take you account-deposit, they just
keep it and erase you and your account from their records. And
the local police can’t do anything about it!


This type of crime just doesn’t seem possible, but the main
reason that is more or less untouchable by local
police is that their site is registered in Panama. That means
not even your state’s Attorney General can do anything about


Of course, this type of scam is the main reason that states
all across the USA are passing laws that allow SAFE and online
betting, but those laws are being passed too slowly. Many
bettors are not waiting for their state’s legislators to get
their act together. The only alternative, if your state does
not allow online betting is the offshore gambling sites.


All information in this article was derived from other news
sources and in order to pass judgement on any website, you should
do your own indepth research. In this case, you could google
‘ scam’.

Best Game of the Month – July 2018

Our editors have chosen World of Tanks, (WoT), as the July 2018 Best Game of the
Month. World of Tanks is a massively multiplay online, (MMO), game which was
developed by the Wargaming company. World of Tanks is a Freemium game which
means that players can participate in the game for free and have the option
to pay a small fee for extra features.


What really excited out editors was the selection of WW1 combat vehicles that each
player can choose.

Such as:

  • tanks,
  • self-propelled artillery,
  • tank destroyers.

There are over 450 different models of combat vehicles from which to choose coming
from all over the world:

  • United States,
  • Czechoslovakia,
  • USSR,
  • Third Reich,
  • France,
  • Great Britain,
  • China,
  • Japan,
  • Sweden,
  • Italy
  • Poland

Do online game players enjoy tank battles? World of Tanks is actually in the
Guinness Book of Records in the category of the largest number of players logged
in simultaneously on one MMO game server.

World of Tanks is played on

  • Windows,
  • Xbox 360,
  • and PlayStation 4

Twenty Percent of Children Addicted to Online Games!


Sad but true, based on a report in Monday’s (July 2) China Youth Daily,
almost twenty percent, (18%), of China’s youth spend more that four hours
playing games everyday which is a sign of game-addiction.


According to Zhou Huazhen, a scholar with the Chinese Academy of Social
Sciences (CASS) in charge of the research:

“Internet addiction is relevant to our lives. Almost one
in every five youth has already been or is likely to become
addicted to video games.”


In general the study showed that

  • 23.6 per cent of boys played online games at least four days a week,
  • 17.7 per cent played every day.


Students playing at least four days a week:

  • 16.9 for elementary students,
  • 21.3 per cent for junior high school students,
  • 31.8 per cent for senior high school students.


A previous study done in 2010 showed that only 6.7 percent of students played
more than six hours per week. Comparing the two studies shows a significant
increase over the past eight years of China’s youth spending more and more
time online.

In the beginning of 2018, addiction to video games was recognised by the
World Health Organisation as a mental health disorder.