Philippine Gambling Website Busted!


Due to the very popular World Cup football, (soccer), matches, illegal betting
has spiked in many countries around the world. Just recently, a website hosted
in the Philippines was brought down, but not before it took in over 26 million
dollars USD in just one year!

Although the website was hosted in the Philippines, the operators of the website
were Vietnamese men operating out of Ho Chi Minh City, where they were arrested.
Gambling is illegal in Vietnam except for the country’s lottery and a few casinos
that are state-run and open only for foreigners. The law is commonly ignored and
many times not enforced because even the police like to bet on the big football

However, according to Vietnam’s law, anyone participating in gambling or even
just assisting with the organizing of gambling could face up to ten years in prison.

According to reports, a complaint that originated in the Philippines was filed
against the website. From that point, it was just a matter of time for the
Philippine National Police, (PNP), to trace the owners to Vietnam.

In neighboring Thailand, over 2,500 people were arrested from June 14 to June 20
as part of a sweeping crackdown on illegal gambling. Most of those arrested will
get a suspended sentence and a small fine. Loves Online Games! handled over 12 billion dollars worldwide from payments for
online games. This includes purchasing the games outright as well as
in-game purchases. According to a blog post by Paypal, that represents
a twenty-three percent increase over last year.


A study by SuperData commissioned by Paypal which included 25,000 active
paying gamers showed that gamers made purchases from over twenty different
vendors, so the pie is pretty well split up.


More Factoids from the survey:

  • Gamers spent almost equally between game downloads and in-game purchases,
  • Gamers over age 35 spent an average of $50 for in-game purchases.
  • Gamers 18 to 34 spent an average of $40 for in-game purchases.
  • Gamers over age 35 spent an average of $45 for game-download purchases.
  • Gamers 18 to 34 spent an average of $63 for game-download purchases.

In a survey last year, (2017), Paypal found that there is little preference
for physical goods compared to digital goods as only 12% answered that they
have that preference.


And according to Melissa O’Malley, director of global initiatives at PayPal,
it is mobile devices that is driving the cyber economy and most of those
devices are smart phones!

PUBG Celebrates 400 Million Players!


Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, (PUBG), is celebrating finally attaining
a player-count of 400 million gamers worldwide on all platforms. according
to PUBG Corp.


The Stats:

  • Over 227 million login monthly,
  • Over 50 million copies sold,
  • Over 87 million players daily,
  • Gross earning over $700 million USD in 2017,
  • Third best-selling game on Steam.


As a method of celebrating, PUBG will be on sale at a 20% discount until July 5,
2018. For you gamers that are not familiar with the game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
(PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game. Battle royale usually refers
to a battle ground that shrinks at the game progresses; often beginning on a
remote imaginary island. The players, (there could be 100 players per game), need
to scrounge around the mapped area for food, weapons, etc. etc while surviving
the attacks of the other players.


The name of the game ‘PlayerUnknown’ comes from the original author’s (Brendan Greene)
screen name while he was playing other games. Brandan saw what was working with other
online games and made it better.


Michigan House Approves Online Gambling!

Yet another state joins the small crowd of states that are legalizing online
gambling in their state. There is also the possibility that Michigan could
join the consortium of states that share their online betting pool. This would
significantly increase the jackpots thereby attracting more high rollers that
are currently betting offshore.


Under the new laws, yet to pass the state’s senate, casinos would need to pay
a $100,000 fee just to apply for a license. If the casino is approved, they
would then pay $200,000 for the license good for one year with a $100,000
yearly renewal fee. These casinos would be taxed at 8% of their gross income.

What will be done with all that tax money?

  • 55% will go to the city where the casino is located,
  • 5% will go to schools,
  • 5% will go to a transportasion fund,
  • 35% will go to an Internet Gaming Fund.


According to lawmakers, michigan residents are already gambling online, but
they are betting at risky and illegal websites.


Online gambling is already legal in Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
With Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and West Virginia
strongly considering getting into the industry.

Next Version of Fallout is Coming Soon!


Fallout 76 is due to be released November, 2018 and the industry experts
are saying that it will be a smash hit. That’s based on a trailer that
was released at a Microsoft conference recently.


For those not familiar with the Fallout series, Fallout is another survival
mode game from Bethesda Softworks LLC based in Rockville, Maryland. Fallout
76 will be a online-only game and although it will be multiplayer, the size
of teams will be in the dozens rather than in the hundreds.


Fallout 76 can also be played solo, but it’s not recommended due to the number
of monsters that will be threatening a player, plus human enemies. It is said
that the risk is too great to go it alone! Plus, teams will be critical when
gathering materials and crafting fortifications, etc. etc.


The ‘world’ in which a player will be trying to survive will be four times
great than that of Fallout 4. A new and challenging feature is that there
will be nuclear missiles hidden around that world and the first team that
finds them can use them to wipe out the other guys.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Most Popular Game of 2018!


So far the most popular online game for 2018 is Fortnite Battle Royale!


Fortnite reportedly has over three million players at any given moment
across all platforms. Remarkably, it has been less than one year since
it’s release. The original release was in the form of a paid-early-access,
zombie-survival game on Steam. However, it’s full release was on the free
to play basis with only a few in-game fees.


Fortnite Battle Royale also has low system requirements which means that
just about every machine and device can have a good experience.



For those few players that have not yet experienced Fortnite Battle Royale,
the main gameplay is the situation where upto 100 players parachute from
flying buses over a mapped-out area of territory which actually shrinks
as the game proceeds. Of course, exactly when a player opens their chute
will determine where they land. During the game, players are trying to
survive by scavenging for weapons and killing the other players before
they themselves are killed.


One thing that makes Fortnite Battle Royale different from other similar
games is that nearly all of the objects, houses, tables, etc, can be broken
down to build needed things such as fortifications.


Basically, the last man standing is the winner.