Young Boy Loses $100,000 Online Gambling!


A 13 year old boy has lost over $100,000 by gambling online with his father’s credit
card; of course, his father did not know about it until it was too late. You might
be wondering how the boy’s father could not notice the expense on his credit card
statement, but the boy, who’s identity is being kept quiet for his safety, lost
$80,000 in just one week!


The boy, now 15 years old and recovering from his gambling addiction actually thought
that he was an isolated case, but when he learned that 25,000 children aged 11-16 are
hooked on gambling in UK he began talking about his gambling problem in order to help
other kids avoid the same trap.


He shares with other kids and parents the signs of gambling addiction:

Unexplained absences from school or classes,
Sudden drop in grades or failure to complete assignments on time,
Change of personality or behaviour,
Exaggerated display of money or other material possessions,
Unusual interest in newspapers/magazines/sports scores,
Borrowing or stealing money,
Withdrawing from family and friends,
Uncharacteristically forgetting appointments or dates.


The psychotherapist treating the boy, Steve Pope said:

“These kids get hooked and once they feel the buzz they can’t stop.
It’s a silent epidemic and we’re all walking blindly into this without
a clue as to the real scale of the problem”.


The UK government has set up a special commission to study the problem.

Teenage Girl Develops Award Winning Online Game!


Emily Mitchell is just 18 years old yet Emily has developed an online game
that was good enough to win BAFTA’s Young Game Designer Award!

Maybe you are thinking why would a girl develop a first person shooter, (FPS),
game or any combat type of game? Well, some girls do that just because they
love that type of game, but Emily is not exactly one of those. Emily’s award
winning game is based on mental health.



Emily’s game is named Fractured Minds and according to Emily…

“It’s a short game, and it explores the challenges and struggles
of people suffering with mental health issues. Each room represents
a different aspect of mental illness and how it affects people’s
daily lives.”



At first glance it may seem that no one would want to play such a game, but
trends tell a different story. In politics, mental health has moved to the
top of the agenda of all parties. In the private sector, the number of searches
for ‘mental health’ on has doubled over the past few years.

The whole matter of mental health is also a human rights issue. There is
protection for those that are living with mental illnesses. It’s actually written
into the law.

Online Games: You Have to Cheat to Win!


In the world of Massively Multiplayer Online, (MMO), games, it’s becoming more
and more obvious that one needs to cheat in the game in order to win! This is
because once a few greedy players get their hands on a tool or modification that
gives them an unfair advantage, the other players suffer loss after loss and
eventually decide that they also must get those tools.


The tools and modifications that are on the internet market are devestating to
players that are following the rules. Some tools allow a player to shoot bullets
that go around corners. Other tools give a cheating player the ability to see
through walls, and there’s even a tool that will make the cheater invisible.


Of course the cheating is very bad for the game publisher also, because after
the continual losing, players migrate to a game with less cheating if they
can find one. Most experts say that the cheating is illegal and immoral, but
some of the cheaters say that they can buy better tools from the game host,
bigger guns, for example, or they can buy tools from a third party. So what’s
the difference? The game publisher loses some money and the cheaters are not
at all concerned with that! Who is? The game publisher is as greedy as
the cheaters, that’s all it amounts to.

USA Online Gambling is Back!


Internet gambling in the United States is BACK! Well, almost back. What’s
happening is that a few states have made it legal for punters within their state
borders to gamble online. However, this means that the jackpots are very small
and that keeps the high rolling gamblers away. But then, not too long ago, two
states; Nevada and Delaware created a pool that allows players in both states to
play online poker against each other: basically doubling the jackpots.


That’s exciting because if the other 48 states do the same thing, online poker
will be legal all across the United States with huge jackpots again! On May 1,
2018, a third state joined Nevada and Delaware: New Jersey! New Jersey’s online
gambling has the biggest jackpots of the three and now that those jackpots will
all be combined, online poker players in the USA are dancing and celebrating.


There will be two new brands offering online gambling in New Jersey: and Bottom line is that the overall winnings with a three state pool
will more than triple as more and more gamblers are attracted to the larger

XBOX ONE: Best Game of the Month! May 2018


The Xbox One from Microsoft is at the top of the list of popular home gaming
consoles. It’s predecessor, the Xbox 360 was also very popular and Microsoft
just makes it’s new versions better and better.


Currently, one of the hottest games for the Xbox One is Rise of the Tomb Raider
which, of course, stars the sexy Lara Croft. As the game starts, Lara will be in
a very hostile environment with only a pixaxe to defend herself.



For those of you that are new to Xbox One games, Rise of the Tomb Raider is
an action adventure video game which was created by Crystal Dynamics and published
by Square Enix. It is the sequel to Tomb Raider and it is minute-by-minute, full
of action! Rise of the Tomb Raider includes puzzles solving, exploration, stealth,
and face-on fighting.


The adventure broadens with the game’s downloadable addons, such as, zombies,
swamp witches, and other exciting challenges!


Online Games Kids Love!


The Motu Patlu online game is based on a comical TV show aired in India mainly
for children. The two best friends, Motu and Patlu are always finding themeselves
in another unfortunate predicament. Adding to the humor is that Motu is always
eating something and always hungry while his best friend, Patlu,  is more
reasonable, but considers himself the brains of the duo.


These two characters live in a small village in India, known as Furfuri Nagariya,
but they hardly stay home, instead they are everyday venturing out to unknown
places sometimes getting lost. That’s one way that a player can help these two silly
guys: by guiding them in the right direction.


Their adventures include brushes with police, the mafia, dangerous animals, and
wild typhoons, just to mention a few. But they always stick by each other’s side
as they are best friends and it’s always a good laugh playing this game.


The best thing about Motu and Patlu is that there is more than one game for the
kids to play. Since each game is based on the weekly TV series, there are just
tons of games to choose from. Never a dull moment.


Kids love these games and so do their parents!