[BREAKING] More Live Dealer Casinos Online!


The good news is out! Two more live dealer online casinos are coming
to New Jersey! One of them will be Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa which
is one of the top-grossing casinos in Atlantic City. The other has
yet to be announced.



With a live dealer casino, you will be streaming a ‘live feed’ from
the actual casino floor. There will be a real live person dealing
the cards, quite often a very good looking lady! The cards will be
real, the table is real, everything is real captured with a high
quality, professional-grade camera and streamed live to your PC,
laptop, or even you mobile device. A live dealer game has the look
and feel of the casino atmosphere and provides the sensation of actually
being in the casino.


The available games have not yet been announced, but usually, live dealer
casinos will offer: roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other
table-based games. It’s just about guarenteed that blackjack will be
on the live dealer menu since blackjack is one of the most popular
casino games; online and land-based. Blackjack is also known for
attracting the high rollers. It’s great to watch the dealer pull the
cards from the shoe instead of trusting a computer to spit them out.

Best Game of the Month – April 2018

This month we wanted to find some of the best online games for preschoolers
and there is no shortage in that genre. The best game of the month for April
2018 for preschoolers is Litterbugs in the Fungooms series of mini-games!


Litterbugs is a fun little game for little kids that will teach them conservation,
cleanliness, and environmental responsibility. Whew! That’s a lot for a preschooler,
but they will just be having fun.


In the Litterbugs game, there are messy little litterbugs dumping trash all over
the screen and the child’s goal is to find the mess and clean it up – saving the
world! Yay!


Other games in the Fungooms series are:

  • Funbloks building blocks,
  • Looe’s collecting leaves,
  • Snow Gooms snowball fight,
  • The Fungooms Classic,
  • and Arcade.

Fungooms games are avqailable for PC desktop, tablet, mobile, and Mac.

Google Play Store Apps Tracking Your Children’s Location?


The Google Play Store contains thousands of apps that illegally track
children’s activities supposedly for advertising purposes, but in the
wrong hands, this could be very dangerous for a child.


Recently, a group of researchers and computer scientists conducted an
automated survey of apps in the Google Play Store and tested them for
privacy compliance. Their conclusion was that 28% “accessed sensitive
data protected by Android permissions”. At first glance, 28% might
seem like a small amount, but keep in mind that Google’s Play Store
contains almost 6,000 apps and over 2,000 new apps are submitted to the
Google Play Store everyday! That many new submissions could be a sign
that not all are manually reviewed.


Most disturbing is that the researchers found that 256 apps actually
illegally collected the geolocation data of the children that might be
playing those games without the child’s or the parent’s permission!
Adding to that, 107 shared the owner’s email address and 10 shared
the phone numbers of children!


There are specific laws governing apps for children, namely the Children’s
Online Privacy Protection Act, (COPPA). In the past, some big name companies
have settled in court for COPPA violations, including: Yelp, Hasbro, JumpStart
Games, Mattel, and Viacom. Activists are pushing the FTC for more oversight
with the bigger players such as youtube and Disney.

More Legal Trouble for Free Online Casinos!


The state of Washington is continuing it’s crackdown on online casinos
that initially offer free to play casino games to their members. If it’s
free, there should be no legal problem, right? True, but what happens
is that a new member is awarded free chips to play in the free games
and will be awarded more each month on the 1st. However, if a player runs
out of the free chips, they can purchase more to get through the month
and many do just that. The business model depends on that type of excessive



There are four firms that are facing legal troubles in Washington state
for this online activity: Huuuge Games, DoubleDown Interactive, High 5 Games,
and Playtika. Their legal defense is that when members purchase more chips,
they are actually just paying for extended service and therefore it is still
a free to play situaltion. Washington lawmakers are not in agreement and will
not be tricked by playing around with the words.



These legal troubles come on the heels of a court ruling that found another
free to play online casino Big Fish Games in violation of Washington’s state
laws. Big Fish had the same business model of selling chips that enable
the otherwise free play to continue until the end of the month.



It doesn’t look good for this business model.

[BREAKING] New Update for PUBG Being Released!


A new update for the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, (PUBG), is set
to be released very soon. It will be ‘Update 12’ and will introduce a new free crate
called the Western Military Crate. This new crate can be obtained using Battle Points
and will contain some standard clothing such as the Tank Top, the Polo Shirt, the Military
Skirt, and the Cowboy Hat.


What Else Does the Update Do?

  • The vehicle system has been improved, especially the dust effect.
  • Crashes caused by Voice Chat have been fixed.
  • A bug causing vehicles to flip has been fixed, including the 3-wheel bike.
  • Fixed a bug where character seated improperly in a vehicle.
  • Increased the damage done during vehicle collisions especially at high speeds.
  • Fixed 4x scople being excessively reflective.





  • Tank Top (Gray)
  • Raglan T-shirt (Red/White)
  • Polo Shirt (Pink)
  • Vintage Polo Shirt
  • Military Shirt (Gray)
  • Military Trousers (Black)
  • Long Sleeved Turtleneck (Black)
  • Utility Belt (Brown)
  • Camo Tank Top (Red)
  • Military Boots (Black)
  • Battle Belt
  • Vintage Gas Mask
  • Leather Bootcut Pants
  • Military Jacket (Black)
  • Military Cap (Black)
  • Cowboy Hat (Brown)
  • Faux Leather Jacket
  • Cowboy Hat (White)
  • Military Skirt (Black)

Lots of changes and improvements! Those that have previewed
Update 12 love it!

Big Fish Casino Busted for Illegal Gambling!


An online social site in Washington state thought that they could skirt the law
with their creative online gambling scheme. They would offer free-to-play versions
of popular casino games, including slots, roulette, and blackjack. Members of the
site would receive free virtual chips at the beginning of each month.


Ok, so far so good, no laws broken because there is no money or other items of
value involved. However, when a player runs out of the free chips before the
end of the month, they have a choice of waiting until the 1st of the next month
in order to be given more free chips or buying some chips outright. BOOM! The
Judge’s hammer comes down!


The company, Big Fish Casino lost their appeal as Judge Milan D. Smith of the US
Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said on Wednesday that the virtual chips
are a ‘thing of value’ and therefore their purchase was against Washington’s
state laws.


An odd note to this story is that the lawsuit was filed by Cheryl Kater, a regular
Big Fish Casino player. She was such a regular player that she ran out of the
free chips quite often and actually spent $1,000 buying more chips to satisfy
her gambling habit. Finally, she decided to sue the company in order to get all
her lost wagers back!