Abandoned Online Games Making a Comeback?

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of very popular online games bite the dust,
so to speak. Mainly when the game’s membership drops, the developer comes out
with a new game that totally replaces the original game. At that point, the
publisher takes on the new game and no longer sells or supports the original
game. A lot of people that loved the original game are left disappointed. It’s
comparable to those PC users that refuse to give up Windows XP for Microsoft’s
newer versions.




There are some organizations that want to preserve the original game for the
sake of digital history and the US Copyright Office that oversees the 1996 law
DMCA which protects copyrights has made exceptions for the preservation of these
so-called abandonware games.


However, there are now certain online groups that claim “digital history” in order
to preserve the old games, yet, charge admission to play them; basically a pay to
play type of digital museum. This, the developer’s claim is against the spirit of the law
or rather, against the spirit of the exception.


Currently, U.S. Copyright Office is considering possibly loosening the restrictions
of the public use of abandoned games. The ESA, America’s trade association for the
video games industry is lobbying against any further exceptions.


We will watch the latest developments here!

Canadian Gambling Boss BUSTED!

The top boss-man in an illegal Southern Ontario, Canada gambling operation has been
sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of $3 million. David Hair, 50, smiled
as the sentence was read, he knows that the two year prison sentence might boil down
to 12 to 18 months with good-behavior and that he could still run some of his operation
from behind bars. He has brought with him a check for $2.000,000 for the court as part
of his fine.



According to reports, Mr. Hair was earning about 10 million dollars per year from the
illegal gambling operation that took bets on a variety of sports, including horse racing,
college football, and the NFL. So, the $3 million dollar fine was not a big deal for him.


Apparently, Mr. Hair was running the Platinum Sports Booking business which had thousands
of bookies across Canada recruiting bettors. Mr. Hair’s assistants would take in the bets
and transfer the information to computers in Costa Rica.


After collectiong evidence for years, the police raided an elite Super Bowl party at a
Markham banquet hall. More than two thousand gamblers were in attendance. Just that one
party cost $100,000 to stage, and featured door prizes like jetskis and big-screen TVs.

[PREVIEW] DayZ is Coming Back Re-Invented!

It has been confirmed via the game’s Twitter account that DayZ is coming back,
at least for the Xbox One this year and possibly for the PS4. DayZ was quite
popular a few years ago, but with slow updates from the development team, it
lost most of it’s userbase to newer, more sophisticated survival games. But,
let’s not forget that DayZ was one of the reasons that survival-type games
became so popular world-wide.



If you missed it back then, DayZ is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus
wiped out just about all of humanity. Those few that are remaining have to scavenge
for survival. Weapons, transportaion, food, and water are fought over. To make
matters worse, some ‘survivors’ were infected by the virus and mutated to wierd
zombie-like creatures. That are mad, they are vicious, and they attack in packs
like wolves.


Part of the problem with DayZ development started when the original creator, Dean
Hall, left the project in order to start a new studio. Hall first came up with the
concept for DayZ after receiving survival training in the New Zealand army.


Although the new version of DayZ won’t be available until late 2018, there is a
preview version on the Xbox Game Preview Program now.


Best Game of the Month – February 2018

Are you ready to try something a litte different? Maybe you’ve been playing the
same old game for months, years? Things can get tired, features fizzle out. And
the crowd playing that game might also be the same old crowd, maybe not the



Even if your current situation does not fit that profile exactly, trying something
new and different could liven up your life; variety is the spice of life, right? So,
we set our editors out on a mission: find the best online game for February. They
search, they asked their friends, they play many games for many hours. What they came
back with is Spaceplan Prototype. Sorry, but there are no guns, hand grenades, light
lasers, or other extremely violent actions. This is a good game to just pass the
time waiting for supper.


Spaceplan Prototype is not a new game, but it has very recently been completely
redesigned with more content whcih extends it’s background story. Spaceplan Prototype
is available in eleven languages and on mobile, tablets, and PC.



In Spaceplan Prototype you will find yourself inside your own spacecraft drifting
through space without power and without any steering. A bit scary at first, until
you figure out that you can fix your craft just by clicking here and there.

Ten Year Old Boy Spends $23,000 for Online Games!

It’s an incredible story, but sadly, it’s a true story. A ten year old boy
that had been diagnosed with leukaemia last year somehow got his hands on
the family savings and he used it for his online gaming entertainment.



One day while making a payment to the hospital for her son’s treatment,
his mother noticed that her bank balance was much lower than she expected,
in fact, it was almost zero! Panicing, she filed a police report and as
the police investigated, they found that the money has been transfered
to WeChat.


As the report reveals, the boy had seen his mother make transactions with her
WeChat application, so when mom wasn’t around, he used her WeChat app to put
money on his own mobile phone. Then it was easy for him to make the payments
from his phone to the online game hosts.


The boy claimed that he did not know that it was real money and that he did
not understand what the ‘CONFIRM’ button meant.


Well, hopefully mom will change her password and ALWAYS log out of her apps!


The good news is that TenCent, the corporation that owns WeChat promised
to return the $8,000 that the boy sent to them and a few other online firms
have done the same, so mom got most of her money back.

A Casino With No House Edge?

A totally new unique type of casino is coming to the online gambling
theater; a 0% house edge. Hard to believe, right? It’s more than just
‘new’, it’s revolutionary, in that, it is likely to put all other
casinos completely out of business.



Why play blackjack at an online casino that is taking a portion of your
wagers when you could play at another online casino that takes none of
your wagers?


But, how does a zero-edge online casino make the profit to stay afloat?
Well, in the blackjack game, for example, there is no house edge when a
player plays a perfect game. But, people make mistakes and, therefore,
the house reaps a very small percentage. In online roulette, the casino
simply removes the ‘0’, which is how the casinos earn their edge. However,

there may also be fees for withdrawals and there may be in-game advertising.


These realities might turn off some players, but in the long run, players
are expected to flock to the no-house-edge casino without that firm doing
the usual multi-million dollar advertising that the other casinos encounter.


Currently, the no-edge casinos are unknown to the masses. The only talk of
them is in the gambling specific forums. As this changes and the no-edge
concept becomes more widely known, the question will be: ‘How eill the
traditional csasinos respond?’.