[GAMES] 200 Years After Dr. Frankenstein!

Who knew that a novel written 200 years ago would be transformed with today’s
techology into a game for kids?



Dr. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley written in 1818 is now a digital sensation
in the form of a science lesson where kids can watch a video and be absorbed
by the fascinating world of robotics, bioengineering and why humans create.


Frankenstein 200, (named after it’s 200 year anniversary), is an interactive
science adventure for children that just about any child will love. This ‘game’
takes kids into a story of what would happen if Dr. Frankenstein’s great-great-
granddaughter took over her ancester’s creepy experiments.


However, along the way, there will be little quizes, puzzles, and even some
in-game games that will entertain the kids and keep them coming back for
more. There are even home-activities that might get the whole family involved.


Fortunately, the Frankenstein 200 video game is not as creepy as the book
version, so the kids won’t be having any nightmares about it. They might have
dreams though. Dreams of what they can accomplsh when they grow up in the
fields of DNA, electricity, and artificial intelligence. Frankenstein 200
also raises the questions about scientific ethics and responsibility.


Maybe the best news is that it’s free to play!

Gamblers Love Bitcoin!

Most poeple in this world do not know what Bitcoin is and probably have
never heard the term ‘cryptocurrency’. However, those risk-taking folks
that enjoy putting their money on a wager, hoping to make a profit, are
getting into Bitcoin more and more everyday.





What’s the fuss? Well, using the banking system for online gambling is
prohibited in the USA. Since that law became strictly enforced, some
online casinos actually went out of business, withdrawing their operations
from the USA internet. Americans that persisted with their online gambling
had to find a way around that law. But, how can an American make a deposit
to an online casino without a credit card? There are e-wallets, but they
are notoriously slow and if the e-wallet service follows the laws of the USA,
they will not allow you to send money to an online casino.


Cryptocurrencies, (Bitcoin being the first and vastly most popular), don’t
car about a person’s geolocation. In fact, there isn’t a “they” there.
Cryptocurrency is almost 100% anonymous. If you have some Bitcoin, you
can spend it anywhere and noone else will ever know about it.


Therefore, more and more Americans are using Bitcoin for their gambling
activities. At the same time, more and more online casinos are accepting
cryptocurreny for deposits and withdrawals.

Best Online Game of the Month – January 2018!

If you are bored playing your same old game hour after hour and day after
day, maybe you should check out our editor’s choices for Best Online Games
of the Year. Maybe it’s not the game, itself, but the crowd that hangs
out in that game? People in certain games tend to develop a ‘mob mentality’
and, at times, they all behave the same; for good or bad. So maybe meeting
some new online players is a good idea?



One of the top online games that our editors enjoyed is Game of Bombs by
developer Ivan Popelyshev. Game of Bombs is a MMAAG, (massively multiplayer
arcade action game) where upto 1,000 people can join the chaos of planting
bombs throughout a maze in a single game. Game of Bombs can be played with
any modern web browser. Best of all, Game of Bombs is free to play, just
search for it on your favorite search engine.


Game of Bombs is actually a spin-off of one of the most popular games of
the 1980s called Bomberman. Bomberman was one of those arcade games that
was hard to stop playing. Game of Bomps is just as addictive!

Universal In-game Cryptocurrency For Every Online Game?

How many online games exist today? Hundreds? Everytime a player earns a bit
of in-game currency, they have to cash out, but there’s a minimum and there’s
a conversion fee! And even then, there are the currencies of a hundred
differenct countries to deal with. What if every online game has a cryptocurrency
that was universally accepted in all other online games?


That would change the entire landscape of online gaming. Players would be able
to transfer that cryptocurrency from one game to another. Players would not lose
in-game earnings just because they don’t play that game as much as they used to.



The Tap Project, which started up just one month ago, aims to do just that with their
TapCoin. TapCoin, is destined to be the cryptocurrency of ALL online games! Already
in just their first month, has partnered with with award winning international developer,
Juego Studios, a art and design company. That is no small step, Juego is partners with
some big names, such as: Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Brothers.



It seems that the Tap Project, founded by Haniff Knight and Hugh Knight, is getting
into the gaming industry at the right time – no other competition! And of course,
this whole concept will be profit-driven with 70% of transaction fees going to the
game publisher. Who would want to be left out in the cold?

Switzerland FIRST! Other Countries Gambling Banned!

Last year, (March 2017), the Swiss legislators approved a bill that required internet
service providers, (ISPs), to block sites that are not “approved”; more specifically,
the law would require ISPs to block international gambling websites, thus the Swiss
gambling sites could monopolize the gambling of all of Switzerland’s gambler’s cash!



Political analysts claimed that the Swiss goverment was becoming nationalistic and
isolationist in blocking all international gambling sites from their internet. Of course,
the reason that legislation was ever proposed was due to pressure from the brick and
mortar casinos in Switzerland that are licensed online also and claimed that other
country’s online casinos were hurting their business.


Then the Swiss nation’s internet service providers argued that this would be an extra
cost burden on them, plus, blocking countries does not work very well, there are always
loop holes. But, the law was already passed.


Franz Grüter, a member of the People’s Party and the chairman of local
broadband provider Green.ch was quoted saying:


“this isn’t in step with the liberal, democratic way of thinking. It’s what dictatorships do.”

This year things have changed. The blocking proposal will face a voter referendum after
opponents collected over 60,000 signatures to force the issue.


We’ll see what happens when the people speak!

[BREAKING] China Bans ‘negative energy’ Online Games!

In an overnight move, China state media has announced measures that quickly
and negatively effected the stock market. NetEase, which is China’s leading
internet portal and gaming company watched it’s shares drop by 3% in a





Just the other day Chinese government announced plans to more strictly “regulate
explicit and inappropriate online games”. The government’s statemnet also mentioned
that it will be targeting games that have a large following because those games
have the most negative effect via social media.



“Departments should carry out investigations immediately,
mainly on games with large numbers of players and big social”
~ guideline from Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,



That will put NetEase and Tencent, the biggest gaming portals, directly in the
government’s crosshairs with potentially huge losses of earnings. During the first
three quarters of 2017, Tencent’s earnings were eleven billion USD, while NetEase’s
net profit reached one billion USD. Netease and Tencent comprise almost 70%
of the Chinese gaming market. For example, Tencent’s most popular game, Honour
of Kings, reportedly has over 100 million daily players!



Some of these online games were criticized by state media earlier last year for
“spreading negative energy.”



A few of Tencent’s other popular games have debuted in Europe, such as, Kings of
Glory and Strike of Kings, the later is now available in the US under the name
Arena of Valor.