Cashier Steals $13 Million for Gambling Habit!

The largest embezzlement case in the history of the Western District of Pennsylvania
according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Shardul Desai was pulled off by fifty-six year
old Cynthia Mills. Ms Mills was the cashier for Matthews International Corp. from 1999
to 2015, but this was not the ordinary cashier position. Ms Mills duties included
depositing checks on behalf of the company as well as making wire transfers to the
company’s vendors. Having that level of trust, Ms Mills also moved money into her
own bank account and forged bank statements to cover it up.





Mills’ attorney, Phil DiLucente, told the judge that the thefts were not due to
greed, but as part of her plea deal Mills agreed to forfeit three homes, a yacht,
two speed boats, at least eight cars, and many other valualble items such as
jewelry and designer handbags.


However, according to Mills attorney, the bulk of the stolen money was lost due to
her addiction to gambling at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh and The Meadows Racetrack
& Casino in nearby Washington County.


Mill’s husband, Gary Mills, may also be in legal trouble because he filed joint income
tax returns that did not account for the money that was spent.

Google Games Feature Philippine’s Extrajudicial Killings!

Quite a few games available on google play store are based on Philippine’s
President Duterie’s war on drugs which has led to over 7,000 deaths since
June 30, 2016 when he took office according to Human Rights Watch (
About 3,000 of those killings were at the hands of the police that claimed
the suspect was armed and resisted arrest. The other killings are attributed
to vigilante groups that earn money with each body. President Duterie has
promised immunity to anyone that kills a drug user or drug seller.





Human Rights Watch claims that police are falsifying evidence just in order
to kill another suspected drug user. There have been reports that ther is
a slush fund set up that pays the police for each body that they bring in.
Additionally, the police take the body away in an ambulance and the family
has to pay to retrieve the body for the funeral.


Some of the games on the google play store are so horrible that they have
created a backlash from concerned citizens and rights-groups. Yet, the tough
talking DPresident uterie has promised to continue the war.


The Drug Policy Alliance, a New York City-based non-profit organization, who’s
goal is to stop drug wars, has posted a petition aimed at google play store
demanding that it remove all games that capitalize on the Philippine atrocities.

Online Casino fined $9 Million! has been fined a record of over $9 million US dollars for what
could best be called ‘social irresponsibility’. Basically, over 7,000
customers who had chosen to bar themselves from their 888 accounts were
still able to gamble.



Also, in one case in particular, a customer bet over 1 million USD
during a 12 month period before he was identified as having a problem.
A good portion of that money, ($72,000), has been stolen from the
customer’s employer.


“the lack of interaction with the customer, given the
frequency, duration and sums of money involved in the
gambling, raised serious concerns about 888’s safeguarding
of customers at-risk of gambling harm”.
~ the UK Gambling Commission


Part of the volentary settlement of $9 million will be used to pay back
the $3 million in deposits of those that had banned themselves, and yet,
due to a technical flaw, were able to access the bingo gambling
area. An additional $72,000 will be paid back to the employer of the
customer mentioned above.


“There are around two million people now in Britain who
either are problem gamblers or are at risk of problem
gambling. Companies are beginning to put different practices
in place to identify people right up front, but more
needs to be done. We need to go further and we need
to go faster.”
~ Ms Harrison of


India’s Most Popular Searched Online Game

People in India are searching furiously for “Blue Whale” “blue whale challenge”,
“blue whale game challenge”, “blue whale challenge game download” and “blue whale
online challenge game download”.



Just in case you have not heard of it, the Blue Whale game takes a player through
many challenges or tasks until they reach the final challenge which is suicide! The
challenges start off easy, such as, getting up from bed at odd hours, watching a
certain horror movie, then they escalate to carving something into one’s skin, other
self-mutilation, and eventually taking one’s own life.


Over one hundred teenage suicides have been attributed to the Blue Whale challenge,
which is said to have originated in Russia, but there is no solid evidence of it’s
origin. In fact, there is no evidence that the the Blue Whale challenge is a real
downloadable game or play on a server type of game. Many people say that it just
spreads by word of mouth on social media.


Some say that if you show interest online, a curator will contact you and give
you your first challenge. All challenges must be documented with a photo before
a participant can move on to the next challenge.


But why so many searches in India? Some reports claim that it’s
just a passing flurry of curiosity. Let’s hope so.

Online Games Virtual Reality Offer Real Exercise!

Who would have thought that an online game could actually provide real
physical exercise? How could that be done?




Well, they dit it and it’s available now in virtual reality games. However,
it will be some time yet before it’s actually available at the retail level.


A doctoral student at San Francisco State University has chosen ‘Virtural
Reality Exercies’ as his doctoral thesis. His research is in San Francisco
State University’s kinesiology lab. For the first time, that we know of,
the physical benefits of aerobics from specific games are being measured.
Games that are usually thought of as causing laziness in all the youth.



The SF State University doctoral student, Dulce Gomez, was searching for
a topic for his thesis, and in a miraculous coincidence, a virtual reality
game entrepreneur had come to San Francisco hunting for a researcher. The
two met up and the research project is well under way.



The implications of this research could be monumental! Just think how many
people enjoy games. Imagine if those people could play basketball, soccer,
or fight in a boxing ring or a MMA octagon with a virtual reality environment.
Afterall, one of three Americans are substantially overweight and one of
six American’s weight is a medical risk.

ONLINE GAMBLING: How To Win More Often!

It’s easy really! Just have your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, or any
woman place all your bets; women win more often. It’s true based on a

recently published study by the Israeli startup company Optimove. If you’re

thinking that their sample of data was too small to be accurate, think again,

because they examined gambling data from over 1 million online records

across Europe.



The study confirmed that most bets that are placed, particularly in sports,
are placed by men, but also, found that women have a higher success rate;
nearly 16% higher than the men. That represents a huge difference in win-rate
and therefore in possible profilts with online gambling. The bottom line
is that women are much more like to break even or end their gambling session
with at least a small profit, while their male counterparts are losing!


How do the women win more often? The study revealed that women, in general,
take fewer risks and place smaller bets, whereas men place bigger bets more


Of course, studies like this have been going on for years, but the number of
women that gamble has been increasing exponentially for the past few years,
therefore there is more and more data to ananlyze.