Massive Cyber Attack! – Hacker Steals 2 Million Online Game Customer Accounts!

CeX, the retail second-hand gadget and video games giant which has over 300 stores
in the UK and operates the online marketplace has announced that there
has been a breach of it’s online data involving over two million online customers.
CeX has brick and mortar stores all over the world, such as, USA, Australia, India,
Spain, the Netherlands, and others.




CeX officials said that the data that was stolen included customers’ names, addresses,
email addresses, phone numbers and credit card information. Of course, CeX is advising
all of it’s online customers to change their password immediately. CeX also said that
none of it’s in-store data was stolen.


This is part of the message on the site:

“We have recently been subject to an online security breach. We are
taking this extremely seriously and wanted to provide you with details
of the situation and how it might affect you. We also wanted to reassure
you that we are investigating this as a priority and are taking a
number of measures to prevent this from happening again.”


If you are affected, you can get more information here:


Top Three Online Games Publishers!

This is not about any one particular online game earnings, it’s about the
companies that publish all the games: which companies are earning the most money
from all their ventures combined?


#1 Microsoft – $21 Billion
This should come as no surprise as Microsoft earns tons of money from Windows
OS, Microsoft Office, and Azure, the company’s cloud service. Azure alone
brought in nearly 10 billion dollars in 2016! Microsoft does not reveal it’
Xbox Division’s exact dollar performance, but it has been estimated at about
$3 billion.




#2 Tencent Holdings – $6 Billion

Here is another big company that is not only into online games, but owns the
incredibly popular WeChat which has 890 million monthly users worldwide. Tencent
got it’s start in PC gaming with huge success in the Asian market, but recently
it has announced that mobile games have outpaced the PC market. Tencent also
hold a majority share in Supercell the maker of popular games such as, Clash of Clans
and Boom Beach.



#3 Sony Corporation – $3 Billion

Sony is maker of the popular PlayStation consoles and is boasting sales of over
30 million units this past year compared to 15 million units in 2015. Sony also
has it’s hand in movies, appliances, and even games for it’s console such as
Uncharted 4.



Women Who Gamble Online!

A recent study by industry researchers shows that more and more women are
gambling online. In fact, the study showed that women make up almost 40%
of all the online gambling players. The most popular online gambling
games for women are bingo and slots and according to some experts, these
games are used by the women in order to relieve their daily stress of
work and relationships.





It was notably helpful spreading the popularity of the slots that a woman
in London won back to back jackpots totaling over two million dollars just
a few months ago. Shortly after that news, women online gambling surged and
that trend has continued! Another factor is that the online casinos are
advertising on social media where women are known to frequent and, of course,
there is the vast popularity of smartphones and gambling apps for those
phones making online casino access very easy.


Figures from the UK Gambling Commission show that 44% of women admit that
they have gambled, versus 53% of men.


Also, thrity percent of women that were surveyed claimed to have gambled
within the past month.


Social Gambling, such as on Facebook, is another reason that women are
flocking to the thrill of online gambling. The number for this show that
21% of men gamble on social sites and 20% of women gamble of social sites.


So, in that scene, women are as likey to gamble online as are men!


Yahoo Launches Online Games Platform!

Yahoo Japan is launching an online gaming platform that allows players to play
games online with their PC or smartphone without downloading any software! This
could be bad news for the Google Play store as Yahoo, itself, is the 4th busiest
website online, behind Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia. holds the
exact same ranking behind the same sites as in the global rankings.






A Few Japan Facts:
In 2016, the Japanese games market was worth $12.4 billion.
Japan’s game market is the 3rd largest games market in the world.
There are 69 million gamers in Japan and 61% of them spend money.
39 million of those gamers have a account.
Mobile gaming is the largest gaming platform with revenues of 6.5 billion.



Yahoo Japan’s new service is cloud based, it started last week, an it opens
with 39 game titles from 52 different game publishers, including, heavy
hitters like Square Enix Holdings Co. and Koei Tecmo Holdings Co. which are
promising many new titles and also re-releases of popular online games such
as Final Fantasy X.


Many of these games that will be offered will be free-to-play with in-game
purchasees, others will require a one-time upfront fee.

The PlayStation Network is Down Again!

Is it really? What a second here. If you can’t connect to any of the services on
the PlayStation Network, there are things you should check right on your
end before blaming the PlayStation Network.


First, check that your console is actually connected to your router or via
a WiFi connection. Check your connection with another device also. Be sure
your PS4 software is up to date.


If all is well with your equipment and your connection, the next step would
be to check the PlayStation Network Service Status website
( which will show
the statuses for each of these services:

Account Management
Gaming and Social
PlayStation Now
PlayStation Video
PlayStation Store
PlayStation Music


For example, at the time of this post, all services show a green icon so
we know that they are all running properly. This same page will also display
any scheduled maintenance periods, like so:


Scheduled maintenance reminder
Start: 15/08/2017, 10:00
End: 15/08/2017, 10:30


With plenty of details, such as:
Affected Platforms: PS4™ , PS3™ , PS Vita , Web
Routine maintenance and improvements for PlayStation™Network
will be performed for approximately 0.5 hours from 15/08/2017,
10:00 to 15/08/2017, 10:30 (Your Local Time Zone).


If you’ve done all that, you are now in the loop!


Google Play Store Allows Real-Money Gambling Apps!

In a very huge move by Google that will vastly affect the online gambling
industry, Google now confirms that they will allow real-money gambling apps
in their Google Play Store in UK, Ireland, and France.



Millions of bettors are already gambling with their Android smartphones, but
it’s not easy because they have to use their smartphone’s web browser in order
to visit the gambling web site. With gambling apps, they will have one-click
access to their favorite gambling action just like the one-click action to
Facebook or YouTube, and many other services.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that just anyone can upload a real-money gambling
app to the Google Play Store. Developers will need to prove that they have the
required license in the country which they wish to distribute their app. That
would include all local laws and industry standards. Plus they have to show that
they have strict measures that enforce age restrictions.


This change of Google’s gambling policy is not necessarily just for the benefit
of the gambling developers and bettors since Google has also announced that
advertising these gambling apps will be allowed in other Google Play Store
apps. Cha-ching!