Online Gambling Ban Loophole!

As most people know, the United States passed a law in 2006 that prohibits banks and other
payment processors from processing payments to online gambling organizations, known as
The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This federal law made online
gambling in the US just about impossible.


Until bitcoins came on the online gambling scene. When a gambler uses bitcoins, there is
no involvement of any bank or other payment organization, such as, Western Union. At the
time that that law was passed, back in 2006, there was no such thing as bitcoin. Bitcoin
was invented in 2009.




For many years following the invention of bitcoins it was not highly trusted because it was
a new form of currency and since bitcoins are not backed by any center bank in the entire world,
it can be a bit scary to put money into the bitcoin system.


Things have changed a lot in the last ten years. Bitcoin have proved itself to be quite
reliable as a form of currency. Everyday, more and more online vendors, across all the
different industries on the internet, are beginning to accept bitcoins. Payments with
bitcoins not only bypass all banking systems, but since it is a cryptocurrency, it provides
anonimity to the payor and to the payee.


It’s the perfect loophole!

‘Cloak and Dagger’ Is Here For Android!

Unfortunately, Cloak and Dagger is a not a new game for Android devices, instead,
it is a very serious cyber attack that can steal private data, including keystrokes,
chats, device PIN, online account passwords, OTP passcode, and contacts from any
Android up to version 7.1.2. And it does this “silently”; you won’t know it happened
until it’s too late.




Where does it come from?
Cload and Dagger comes from the Google Play Store and it might be an app of any
name because this malware uses two legitimate features of Android:

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (“draw on top”)


The first is an overlay feature which allows the hacker to take control of the
screen and the second is for the sight-handicapped. Any app that uses both of those
Android features can be devestating.



Ok, let’s fix it!
Not so fast! These are Android features, not Android bugs, so currently there is
no fix or patch.


However, it is possible to turn off the “draw on top” permission by heading on to:

Settings > Apps > Gear symbol > Special access > Draw over other apps


In the future, download only from Google Play Store, but only from trusted and
verified developers.


Game Servers Down Again – DDoS Attack?

Earlier this month Ubisoft’s servers were down and it was said to be
from a DDoS attack. Yesterday, we heard that their servers are once
again down due to another DDoS attack.





“We’re currently monitoring a DDoS attack, which may
impact latency or connections to our games…”

~ Ubisoft tweeted.


Ubisoft’s forum added:
“impacting a number of our online services for Rainbow Six Siege,
For Honor, Steep, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Uplay PC, and other online titles.”


From that list of affected games, we can conclude that, if this is in fact
a DDoS attack, that it has totally overwhelmed Ubisoft’s servers.


Many of the players of those affected games have commented on twitter and
reddit that the outage has been intermittently happening for several days.
They are not happy because their games are being interrupted, in some cases,
where a player was winning, they lost their status and could not login again.

This outage is not a local US problem, it’s in Australia, the United Kingdom,
and other countries, even as far as Africa!.

So, when will Ubisoft’s game server be back online in a reliable fashion? No
one knows. Their support forums keep saying that they are aware of the problem
and that their technical department is working on it.

Got $10 Million? Open an Online Casino!

Ten million dollars is the proposed deposit on future taxes that will be required
in order to run an online casino, poker, and fantasy sports betting operation in
the state of Illinois according to bill H479 which just passed through the senate
in May, 2017. Senate voting was 42 to 10 in favor of the bill.






This overwhelming vote in the senate came somewhat as a shock to observers as even
though bills have been submitted in previous years, none made any headway. Some
industry experts are asking why it has taken Illinois so long to get the bill passed,
afterall, Illinois was the first state to pass online lottery ticket sales in 2012.


This bill, H479, was originally only to legalize DFS, (digital fantasy sports), but
then, there were additions to the bill in order to get land-bases casinos on-board.


Of course, this is great news for Illinois residents; bettors would have to be within
the state’s borders. This is also great news for the Illinois state budget, which means
good news for schools, roads, and other infrastructure as it is predicted that this
bill passage could translate to $1.7 BILLION over the next five years.


Only one glitch: the bill has yet to pass in the House!

Woman Steals 4 Million Dollars To Play Video Games!

This could be in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. A woman in Buffalo, NY, Billie B. Becker,
that was a comptroller for Towne Automotive Group in Erie County embezzled 4 million
dollars, over a period of several years, that she claimed she used to take care of
some horses and to play video games. That’s a lot of hay!





The prosecutor said “It’s possibly the largest single embezzlement in Erie County history”
and that’s only the amount that they could prove because bank records only go back as
far as 2009! She pleaded guilty to first-degree grand larceny and also criminal tax fraud
for not paying New York State income tax on the stolen money. Sentencing has not yet been
passed down but it will range from a minimum of 1 to 3 years in jail to a maximum of
up to 25 years.


And if that’s not bad enough, she has to pay all that money back. Looks like she will have
to sell her house and her horses just to put a dent in that $4 million.


It still amazes us how often this type of crime happens in order to play video games!

Mobile Gamers Beware of Google Play Store!

It has hit the news that over 40 different Android applications available
on Google Play Store contain malware that can use an infected device to
create fake clicks on advertisements.  In other words, your infected
Android phone is clicking on some ads somewhere without you knowing about
it and generating a huge pot of gold for the hackers.



This news comes from security firm Checkpoint and they are putting the blame
on a Korea-based Kiniwini and published under the name: ENISTUDIO Corp.


You might be thinking that even if your smartphone is infected and it’s
clicking on advertisements somewhere without you knowing about it, so what?
It’s not hurting you and you still have full useage of your smartphone, right?



Keep in mind that if the hackers could put a click-script on your smartphone,
they just might be able to put more hideous code there as well.  Even if they
don’t take more serious steps to use your phone, your infected phone is actually
committing a crime of fraud. How will you prove your innocence?



The following is a list of know apps that are infected.

If you have any one of these apps, remove it!

Fashion Judy: Snow Queen style
Animal Judy: Persian cat care
Fashion Judy: Pretty rapper
Fashion Judy: Teacher style
Animal Judy: Dragon care
Chef Judy: Halloween Cookies
Fashion Judy: Wedding Party
Animal Judy: Teddy Bear care
Fashion Judy: Bunny Girl Style
Fashion Judy: Frozen Princess
Chef Judy: Triangular Kimbap
Chef Judy: Udong Maker – Cook
Fashion Judy: Uniform style
Animal Judy: Rabbit care
Fashion Judy: Vampire style
Animal Judy: Nine-Tailed Fox
Chef Judy: Jelly Maker – Cook
Chef Judy: Chicken Maker
Animal Judy: Sea otter care
Animal Judy: Elephant care
Judy’s Happy House
Chef Judy: Hotdog Maker – Cook
Chef Judy: Birthday Food Maker
Fashion Judy: Wedding day
Fashion Judy: Waitress style
Chef Judy: Character Lunch
Chef Judy: Picnic Lunch Maker
Animal Judy: Rudolph care
Judy’s Hospital: Pediatrics
Fashion Judy: Country style
Animal Judy: Feral Cat care
Fashion Judy: Twice Style
Fashion Judy: Myth Style
Animal Judy: Fennec Fox care
Animal Judy: Dog care
Fashion Judy: Couple Style
Animal Judy: Cat care
Fashion Judy: Halloween style
Fashion Judy: EXO Style
Chef Judy: Dalgona Maker
Chef Judy: ServiceStation Food
Judy’s Spa Salon