50% of Online Gamers are Bullied!

Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying charity, just released a new study which surveyed
2,500 gamers aged 12 to 25 years old that shows that 57% of the gamers have experienced
online game bullying.



One 16 year old gamer said that he has been bullied online since he was 10 years old
and over the years, he has even received death threats.


The report also found:

47% of those surveyed said they had been threatened in an online game.
38% said they had been hacked within a game.
74% said they would like the issue to be taken more seriously.
29% said bullying and trolling did not affect their enjoyment of online games.
64% said they been targeted by malicious trolling.
50% had experienced hate speech.
39% have received unwanted sexual contact.


22% have stopped playing due to the abuse!  That represents a deep cut in the profits
of the game developers so it seems as this data gains momentum, that those who are losing
money will begin taking more action.

Automated moderators might be the answer if they can evolve successfully. One

such Automated moderator, ModBot, has been deployed already

31 Million Dollar Illegal Online Gambling Scheme BUSTED!

Police have busted up a 31 million dollar per year illegal gambling operation run
by a notorious gambling boss.  Police in Indore received a tip that led them to
raid an internet cafe where they found six computers that allowed online gambling.
They also found Ramesh Chaurasia, the founder and boss of Game King Private Limited
which runs internet cafes all over the county.


Chaurasia supposedly runs non-betting-gambling software on all of his computers,
however, if a bettor registers in person, he can then gain access to real betting
software.  In order to broaden his business, his software was set up to allow
remote betting from anywhere with a computer or a smartphone.  Interestingly, the
collection of bets and payments of winnings was handled by private collectors, but
there wasn’t much winnings paid out since Chaurasia’s software was totally rigged
so that hardly no one ever won.

Anyways, you would think that since the big boss was caught red-handed, that that
would be the end of his business, but, Chaurasia has been arrested for this same
crime just three years ago.  He was charged, but he beat all the charges with the
help of some politicians and police officials.

Online Games Better Than SEX!

A recently released study by the University College London has revealed that playing
online games is better than sex for relieving stress.


In the world of psychology, relieving the stress of one day of work and bringing the
stress level down to near zero in preparation for the next day of work is called ‘recovery’.
In their study, over 250 men were asked a series of questions regarding how they prefer
to relieve their daily work related stress.

Psychologists have identified certain factors that are required in order for recovery to
be effective: a sense of detachment from work, a sense of control, and relaxation. It seems
that sex would provide those three elements better than anything else, but that’s not
what the survey shows.


Of the 250 men surveyed:

74% said talking with friends is their first choice.
31% said comfort eating,
29% said they play video games,
27% of men said that having sex or watching porn.

Well, playing online games beat sex, but not by much. Maybe another study is needed here?



Looking closer at the genre of games, the first person shooter games and other action games
that include high levels of violence proved most effective for relieving stress for men.

Battlestar Galactica Slot Machines?

The TV series Battlestar Galactica was an American military science fiction television
series that accumulated a very large cult of followers. So popular in fact, that after
the TV run, a movie by the same name came out.  It was a box office hit!




Now, there’s more Battlestar Galactica fun with two online games and even a board game.


The first of the two online games is Battlestar Galactica Online and it has all the
excitement, color, sound, and action of the TV series.  The setting is 40 years after
the end of the Cylon War, the enemies come back and cause more desruction.  The colonies
have to regroup, scavenge for resources and try to regain control of the galaxy.


The second of the two online games is Battlestar Galactica Slot and it is extremely
entertaining while providing an opportunity to win a few bucks. This slot version of
fighting the second war with the Cylons requires time, patience and focus, but it’s
all worthwhile. This slot war game has great visuals and amazing sound effects that
recreate the TV series the movie’s excitement. This game is available at Villento
Casino and can be enjoyed on mobile devices.

WOW! RoboCop is Alive and Playing Online Games!


There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s a cop-bot or rather an automated-moderator
that can detect online bullying! Bullying in online games is probably the biggest
headache for the players and the biggest hindrance for the host’s profits and
expansion. We have lost count of how many news pieces have been published regarding
bullying online. A few ending with teen suicide.


The London-based startup Spirit AI has created software that will actually monitor
the game for any sort of bullying and jump in to put a stop to it. It does check
with the bullied player first because it could be just friendly banter, if so, it
would store those two usernames and let them banter in the future.


The application is called Ally and it could solve the number one problem affecting
gamers, games developers, and game host: bullying.


According to Khandaker-Kokoris who is working on the Ally team:

“Ultimately, we’re interested in helping developers create
safer and more inclusive communities, allowing more people
to play their games, no matter their identity,”  “We know
that companies have a vested interest in making their spaces
safer, but this currently either requires huge teams of
moderators, or the problem just isn’t dealt with.”

Technology Has Transformed Gambling!

Gambling has always been a fast moving, quickly evolving enterprise.  It’s driven by the huge ‘guarenteed’

profits and it’s highly competitive nature. Wherever there is lots of money to be made, there will be lots of

people that want to get into that business.



Even going back in time we note that in the mid 1800’s when the telegraph was invented, the bookies

were scrambling to be the first to make those long distance bets via Morse Code. Then came the telephone

and another mad scramble to implement betting by phone. When the World Wide Web, (WWW), came into

being, it was like sprinkling fairy dust on a gold bar to multiply it.  There just couldn’t be anything better

than this for gambling, right?


Wrong! The next innovation was the smart phone that allows people everywhere to place bets in their

car, on the bus, on the train, on the airplane, etc. etc.


But the innovation of the smart phone is only a drop in the bucket compared to what experts are predicts

with the soon to be coming Virtual Reality Gambling.  With virtual reality, a player sits at their computer

with a headset and wearing gloves that track every movement of head and arms. Equipped this way, the

player will not just play a game on the flat 2D screen, but will walk into the casino and be able to wander

from room to room and choose their game table. The bottom line is that a player will FEEL as though they

are actually inside the casino.