Professional Online Gamers Now Flipping Burgers?

Burger King has hired professional online gamers, PlayStation gamers), to take your burger order

while you’re playing your favorite PS game!  They are called the Burger Clan and if you sign up with

them, they will be on your team and, of course, since they are champion quality players, you’ll have

a huge advantage. This is all done very legitimately with PlayStation’s permission.


According to a press release by Burger King: “nine professional gamers, champions of the most

popular [PlayStation] games,” have been hired. One of the professionals name has been released

and that is FIFA champion Alfonso Ramos Cuevas.



While at first, this whole idea may seem tacky or overkill just to sell a burger, let’s remember that

this is how innovation works.  You experiment by trying something very new. Something that no

one else thought of or something that no one else dared to do. Next, you see the criticisms and

mockery come in every form of media. And finally, the new idea either becomes a success or it

flops and you move on.



If you think that this is a really horrible idea, at least there is some good news for you. This in-game

‘Want fries with that?’ experiment is, (for now), only in Spain.



BUT, it could be coming to your neighborhood soon!

Over One Million Passwords Stolen!

Reality Squared Games, (R2Games), has been hacked for the second time in two years!  Over one million accounts were compromised and that means, usernames, passwords, email addresses, instant messenger IDs, birthday, facebook information, etc. etc. is now in the hands of a hacker.





How do we know this for sure?  The hacker shared the data with and they have shared it with one or more seccurity auditing firms that have parsed that data and confirmed it’s validity.



However, R2Games currently supports 19 online games, and claims over 52 million players so to them, one million is just 2% of their base, not a big deal.  Plus, R2Games is based in China and some Chinese online game experts say that being hacked is just part of doing business.  After all, the previous hack, back in 2015 exposed 22 million accounts, almost half of all their users.



Several security firms that have scanned the stolen data have reached out to R2Games, but the company has not responded. One of those security researchers is the owner of, Troy Hunt.  Mr Hunt says that all of the data has been added to his database which means you can go to his site and check if your email is in the database. If so, you have been hacked!!!  Change your password immediately!!

4 Tips to Improve Your Game Experience!


If you have a certain job or task to learn, there’s probably a video game that teaches that task. Whether it’s just memorizing the alphabet or managing a small company you can hone your skills with a game. After a few days playing, people will think you are a genius!


When buying a video game for a kid, be sure to make a list of at least three options before hitting the malls. By doing some research regarding appropriateness, you can rule out many games; you can always judge a game by the box. This way you are more likely to find a game that they will enjoy.


Before giving a new video game to a child, you should play the game first. You can’t always trust the ratings on the box. By actually playing the game, you will be reassured that the game is safe for your child.  And, you’ll know what the child is talking about when they tell you about it.


Most online games are free to start playing, but then, after you get involved, they require small purchases for this or that type of ‘improvement’. Be cautious here, some of these little upgrades are actually so tiny that you’ll not even notice the improvement.  Research first!








The Most Brutal Violent Onlne Game of 2017!

Battlegrounds is a new online game which is something like the Hunger Games TV show, but even more violent, brutal and unforgiving. Battlegrounds is actually a spinoff of a 2000 movie named Battle Royale in which 15 teenagers were dropped on an island, given weapons, and forced to kill each other until only one was left.


Battlegrounds is available for PCs only with only one mode of play because it’s not finished and is available only in the beta version.



Thanks to the interent and onlilne games, you too can enjoy the ruthless and bloodthirsty game of Battlegrounds. How to play?  Well, every game starts the same way, 100 people on a cargo plane seated against the walls just waiting to die. The next thing is that you choose when to jump off the plane and parachute down to an otherwise deserted island. On the island are weapons, armour, and even vehicles.  First come, first serve.



As you are floating down with your parachute, you can see the others with their parachutes. There you are, eye to eye with someone that you will kill or that will kill you.  Although the island is deserted, it is not bare ground or just jungle. It has villages, towns and cities, but there is no one alive.  Get the picture?


There are plenty of weapons in just about every building.  Take your pick and happy killing!

Blizzard Login Servers Blow a Fuse!

Early Easter Sunday morning, about 6am EDT, Blizzard’s customer service started receiving complaints
from customers that could not login.  (Coincidence or bad omen?)  Some of these customers had been
involved in major contests and competitions and others has recently upgraded their accounts only to
be rejected at the login page!  These are paying customers!

Of course, as with any online customer service, the first step is to assume the problem is at the
customer’s end. They are on the wrong page, they are typing their login credentials wrong, they
need to clear cookies, etc. etc.  This strategy was just not working for Blizzard’s customer service
representatives.  And the complaints were adding up quickly.



Eventually, customer service just gave up and turned the problem over to the technical engineers.
The enigeers quickly proclamined and outage of some sort and disabled all of Blizzard’s login
servers in order that they could troubleshoot the problem without interference from customer
trying to login.

Due to an outage, game servers were taken offline to ensure the safety
of the hardware. We are working to bring services back online.”
— BlizzardCS (@BlizzardCS) April 16, 2017

We are not sure what was meant by ‘the safety of the hardware’, but in any case, the engineers
were able to solve the problem and get all the login servers back online in short order.

Hip Hip Hooray! for IT!

Is Your Online Gameplay Lagging?

If you play online games often and you have noticed that other characters are suddenly appearing,
suddenly disappearing, and jumping around eratically, your internet connection might be lagging.
That means that there is an excessive delay between your computer and the computer that is hosting
the online game.





All internet connections have some lag, but if it’s too high, (measured in miliseconds), you will
experience problems with your online gameplay and sometimes you will have problmes just surfing
the web. No matter how fast your computer’s CPU is, if you’re experiencing lag, you will be at
a disadvantage since your actions will require more time to reach the hosted game’s server than
that of the other players.

What is Ping Time?
Ping time is the interval between when you send a signal to a remote computer and that computer’s
reply is received back at your computer. It’s the round trip time of the signal, not the one way time.
You can check your lag by checking your ‘ping time’ on a web site such as,

All internet connections have some lag, the trick is to have a low or small lag time.  So, how much
would be too much?  Well, roughly speaking if you are located in the US and the game is also hosted
in the US, then the ping time should be less than 50 milliseconds. The best measure though is to
check your ping time on a regular basis so that you know what to expect from your Internet Service

Michigan’s Crazy Online Gambling Bill!

Michigan has a bill on the table that would legalize online gambling, BUT, only
if that online gambling is happening inside a land-based casino.  This is at odds
with the already legal online gambling on Michigan gambling websites. The idea seems
crazy, but the backers of this bill claim that the new in-casino online gambling
could raise millions of dollars in tax revenue.




That’s important because online casinos in Michigan are currently unregulated and
pay zero state or city taxes. This new bill would change that and bring in tax
dollars. It has been estimated that passage of this new bill could bring in about
$32 million in tax revenue by 2019.


Opponents say the bill is rediculous because people won’t drive to a casino just
to play online casino games.  The backers of the bill claim that people will be
able to enjoy the glitter and lights of a land-based casino, yet play in privacy
on a console within the casino.


Another factor is that the land-based casinos are already paying millions and
million of dollars in state and city taxes. In fact, MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity
Casino Hotel and Greektown Casino-Hotel paid a combined $112.2 million in state
tax revenue in 2016