The Best Online Games For 2017!

Online gaming has come a long way over the past few years. PCs, Macs, laptops, and recently
the cell phones.  Some studies show that the cell phone market has pretty much taken over
gaming as well as other platforms, such as, Facebook and Twitter.  When it comes to gaming,
no one expected mobile to take the lead because serious gamers want a reclining chair, headset,
and efficient controls; not all gamers are ‘serious’.  Some are just passing time while waiting
in line at the bank or whatever.




So, here we are in 2017 and there are so many new games on so many different platforms that it
can be overwhelming.  Additionally, many games require a paid download or paid membership
online.  Then the question becomes which game to try?



The good news coming out of all this chaos, is that Freemium games are becoming more popular.
Freemium is the model where you can download the game or join the online membership for free
and play to your hearts content.  But, if you want all the bells and whistles, you’ll have
to pay in-game for the many extras that are available.

In order to make your life a bit easier, we’ve reviewed the top Freemium games and we present
the top three Freemium games here:


1. War Thunder is not exactly a new game; it was released on the console a
couple of years ago. War Thunder is a WWII game where you can blast enemy
tanks and planes.



2. Paladins is another battlefield game where you could assume the role of
a large rolling bomb or some sort of robot and wipe out the bad guys.



3. PlanetSide 2 was a big hit back when it was released. This game is for those
that like first person shooter, (FPS), games. It has great graphics and game-pley.

Have fun!

In Online Games, Everyone Is A Troll!

There have been a lot of complaints about trolls in online games.  Trolls are those players
that are ‘looking for trouble’ in a verbal way.  They are quick to criticize, insult, slur,
demean, and offend anyone. Until now, it has been thought that trolls are a small percentage
of the online game players; the same people no matter what game they are playing. A small
group of sociopaths.


However, in a new study by Business Insider, (, a much different
description of ‘a troll’ has emerged. Basically, almost anyone can be a troll under the
right conditions.  Those condition are, first of all, a person’s mood.  A person joining
a game that is already in a bad mood, for whatever reason, is more likely to troll others.
Next comes the context where a person is chatting.  If someone has already trolled, it
is more likely that other players will join in the offensive behavior.



These observations come from Business Insider recruiting over 500 people through an online
crowdsourcing platform. These participants first took a quiz, then read an article and
engaged in discussion. All participants saw the same article, but some were put into a
different discussion. Some saw a discussion that started with a troll others saw a
discussion that was neutral.



More information can be found on Business Insider.

Massachusetts – The Next Online Casino Haven?

You would think that Massachusetts, being such a liberal state, would have passed online
casino gambling by now, but, when it comes to some social issues, Massachusetts citizens
are still quite conservative and old fashion.  For example, there are still many Blue Laws
on the books in Massachusetts.  Blue Laws, in case you are not aware, are those laws passed
100 years ago that restrict certain activities on Sundays for religious reasons only.



Of course, Massachusetts does have some brick and mortar gambling facilities, mostly at
horse or dog racing establishments, but a few are at resorts.  But that is for adults, as
each person entering the establishment can be physically seen and ID checked for the
proper age.  With online gambling it is a bit more tricky to verify the identity and age
of the bettor.



On the other hand, the state’s law makers are, as usual, more concerned with money than
morals.  They very much like the possible additional income from tax revenue that online
gambling would generate, but they are equally concerned that that revenue would just be
draining the state’s very profitable lottery and the brick and mortar casinos.



And on the other other hand, the incredible popularity of mobile phones could mean that
online casino gambling might reach a totally untapped market.  With all these issues,
the lawmakers are still in the ‘thinking about it’ stage.

Video Games Make Students Smarter!

It’s not everyday that we read something positive about online games, so many young and
old are getting addicted to them. Today a new study is out that claims that students that
regularly play online video games show improvement in math, science, and reading skills.




The study comes from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, aka: RMIT, Melbourne. The data
that was analyzed came from the globally recognised Program for International Student Assessment,
PISA.  Over 12,000 students in the 15 year old category were tested and their online activities
were also noted.


Associate Professor Alberto Posso said video games could help students to apply and sharpen
skills learned at school.


Students who play online games almost every day score 15 points above
the average in maths and 17 points above the average in science.  When
you play online games you’re solving puzzles to move to the next level
and that involves using some of the general knowledge and skills in maths,
reading and science that you’ve been taught during the day,
~ Associate Professor Alberto Posso, RMIT, Melbourne.



On the other hand, Professor Posso said that students that spend their time on Facebook or
other social media, or just chat programs scored 20 points lower than the gaming group.

Posso recommends that teachers find ways to use online games in their lessons.




Three Simple Games That Serious Gamers Love!

Have you or someone that you know ever tried an online video game only be get frustrated trying
to figure the game out?  My five year old grandson was showing me a video game on his grandmother’s
smart phone last week. It was one of those ‘shoot the aliens’ type of games.  He handed the smartphone
to me, the game was in progress, I was being attacked by alien saucers and I had absolutely no idea
what to do.  He was shouting at me “Grampa shoot shoot!”  I handed it back to him and finished my burger




So, regarding the Title of this post, why would a serious, bad a$$ gamer be interested in simple
games?  They would be bored wouldn’t they?  Yes, they probably would be bored, but there is a secret
hidden in these very simple games.  That secret is that they can use these games as an introduction to
online video games to their friends, spouse, significant other, father, mother, brother, or sister.
Then, after that other person is hooked on gaming, they can move them up to more challenging games!


Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars is very easy to learn game. Good color action too.

Super simple game with the graphics and the actual gameplay.

Desktop Tower Defense
Your mission is simple: defend the tower!



Largest Online Casino In The World!

Worldwide gambling has allowed people all around the globe to enjoy the thrill of taking
a chance by placing a bet.  It’s an adrenelin rush, it’s exciting, it’s life at it’s best!
The best part of the online gambing is that people don’t even need to leave the comfort
and safety of their own home. This means that those people with disabilities or recovering
from an illness or injury can participate and get the adrenelin rush.  Furthermore, it
allows newcomers to learn the ropes of online casino gambling without the intimidation of
the bright lights and fancy clothes of the land based casino.



What’s new lately is those those big, clunky, dust-collecting desktop computers are no
longer needed to get online and enjoy online gambling.  The prices of laptops have dropped
significantlyand being mobile, people can just carry them around their house as needed. If
you have something on the stove or in the oven, bring your laptop to the kitchen table.
Watching your favorite soap opera, bring the laptop to the couch.



Add to that the incredible popularity of mobile phones and theirs just no need for a
computer at all.  The size of displays on the latest cell phones, (and especially the
phablets), is plenty big enough to enjoy placing some bets.



The Most Popular Casino Online IS:
Based on it’s Alexa rank of only 116, is the world’s biggest, most trafficked
casino web site.

WARNING: WeChat Scammers Took S$70,000 From Gamers!

Some clever thieves have managed to scam hundreds of gamers out of 70,000 Singapore dollars
on WeChat. Just in case you have not heard of WeChat, it is the biggest standalone instant
messaging application online.  Developed by a company called Tencent and first released in
January 2011.  Five years later, in 2016, WeChat had over a billion created accounts with
more that 900 million active chatters.


So, there are plenty of easy targets in that 900 million active users for the scammers
to pick out.  The scammers used popup ads to sell phony game credits at super discounted
prices. They also offered a money exchange service with a much better rate than anyone
else.  They worked as fast as they could because they knew the game credits would never
be delivered and the money would never be exchanged.



Of course, once the scammer finds a ‘sucker’, they have additional fees that they ask for,
such as, a tracking fee for their money exchanged or handling fee for the discounted
games credits.  They have all these extra fees in advance and they easily explain them



A few of the games where the scam popup ads appeared were The Legend of the Condor Heroes,
Jian Xia Qing Yuan 3, Three Kingdoms Rush and Xi Fei Zhuan. There may have been many others.

Government Employee Spends $22,000 Tax Dollars On Games!

A california State Fresno University librarian used the library’s computer, (government
property), to  visit over 40,000 web pages and videos.  The time and resources wasted on
that activity cost the California tax payers over $22,000!  All of those 40,000 web pages
and videos were regarding online games.



The Tip Of The Iceberg?


Of coure, that employee with receive the appropriate consequences, but how did it happen?

This all came about due to findings of State Auditor Elaine Howle based on tips from the
state whistle-blower telephone line.



“Through our investigations, we found misuse of state time and
resources, failure to keep accurate time and attendance records,
disclosure of confidential information, neglect of duty to
upervise and improper payments”. ~ State Auditor Elaine Howle



BUT, there’s more. Another state employee used her state car for personal business and
commuting.  Two state employess working in the state’s tax office referred taxpayers to
a private business to prepare their tax forms.



Not done yet, a parole officer with the state’s Dept Of Corrections also used her state
car which cost the taxpayers over $3,000 and she took that car home at the end of her
day without permission.



This all happened in California!  If I recall correctly California is having buget problems,
maybe this is part of that problem.