Video Games Tutors – A New Industry!

If you are an expert online game player, this could be a new profession for you
paying $40 per hour or more.  That is easy money since you are doing what you
already love to do.  Just search the title of this post in any search engine
and you will find job opportunities.






On the other hand, if you love playing online games, but you just can not quite
wrap your mind around the fast action and you keep losing, you can now get private
lessons from your choice of experts.  One service launching soon promises to have
experts in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Splatoon, Street Fighter V, and Shadowverse.
If you happen to live in Osaka or Tokyo, Japan, your tutor will come directly to your
home to coach you.  Their instructors include Haitani who has been called “one of the
Japanese gods of fighting games” by Capcom and Abadango, who is a high ranking player
of Super Smash Bros.


However, as with any online service or product, one should be careful before dropping
any money for these online game tutor services.  There were reports that one new
online tutor service has customer reviews the day they launched online.  But possibly,
they had a pre-launch, beta training service in order to obtain feedback. So, just
check them out carefully.

Deregulation of Gambling Could Happen!

In New Hampshire, USA a new bill is circulating in the state’s House of Representatives
that could turn USA gambling on it’s head.  The bill, HB562 legalizes gambling in the
state without any regulation whatsoever!  And New Hampshire will take no taxes from the
gambling.  It’s really different, in that, the first motivation stated by politicians
across the country for legalizing gambling is that unregulated gambling causes more
problems than if the same gambling is legal and tightly regulated.  The second motivation
is that legalizing gambling will help the state pay it’s debts and enhance social programs.
The New Hampshire bill ignores both of those motivations.




It was Republican Representative Eric Schleien that presented the bill in the House in
early January and it has been sent to the House Ways and Means Committee and already
had a public hearing last month.



The bottom line is that New Hampshire defines illegal gambling in RSA 647, (Revised
Statutes – Active), and that law excludes a few forms of gambling, such as, the state’s
lottery, charity bingo, etc. etc.  This new bill, HB562 would add online gambling to those



Most political consultants do not expect this bill to ever pass, but there are also many
that claim it has a good chance since the people of New Hampshire love their state’s
freedom from regulation. In fact, New Hampshire’s official state motto is “Live Free or Die”

Half Of UK Play Online Games!


Fifty percent?  Wow!  That’s a bundle of Brits playing games online. Don’t
they have jobs?  Maybe they are playing online games while at work!  Actually,
it is not 50% YEt, but market analysts are claiming that by 2019 the number of
Brits playing online games at least once a month will be over fifty percent.




The prediction for this year, 2017, is that forty-eight percent of Brits will
be playing online games at least once a month. That equals about 26 million
people.  These numbers include console games, social games, and mobile games.
In fact, it is the mobile game growth that is driving the entire game industry.
Recent marketing infomation shows that mobile games are out performing all
other segments of the game industry.  This causes the console and socil game
developers to be more aggressive and innovative to keep up with the mobile


Already, over fifty percent of UK mobile users are playing online games on their
smartphones and tablets.  More and more people in UK and all over the world are
leaning towards the new mobile smartphones rather than the PCs. Although the
smartphones do not “computer” per se, (yet), they offer so many other benefits
and cool features that they are basically irresistible


How Learning Math Can Be Fun With Games!

A Signal Mountain Middle School eighth-grader calulates the force on a train
while it travels at high speeds.  Another eighth-grader studying the possible
damage from hurricane of differing strengths.  It is Learning Blade, an online
program developed within a game format.  The students are having fun!  Imagine?



Learning Blade has hundreds of games for students. Each game targets specific
problems in the world and most of them require some physics learning and some
advanced math learning.  Most of the students that use Learning Blade say that
they want to attend college some day and take up a science program.


Learning Blade is the brain-child of two chemical engineers, Shelia and Dane
Boyington. It has spread to more than 500 schools in the state of Tenneesee and
is available to any middle school at no cost.


The actual goal of the Learning Blade game is to expose the middle school children
to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.  Learning Blade has
had great success based on test scores, so much so that it’s use has spread to 25
other states.

And really it is about time that some action has been taken to get education into
games.  Kids learn rapidly when they are having fun and they are eager to learn
more and more the same way.

YouTube Star Promoting Online Gambling For Kids!

A top gamer and super YouTube star, Craig Douglas, with over one million youtube fans,
has been caught promoting a video game on his youtube channel that allows kids to place
bets. The online video gambling website allows children to place bets with the game’s
virtual currency which can also be converted back to real cash.



You might be thinking that this guy just made a mistake, right?  But wait, he had a
partner: Dylan Rigby. So, we can not say that these two men who are savvy enough to
run their own gambling game did not know the least about gambling laws.  Oh, and by
the way, the gambling site was not licensed.  Duh!



The amazing part here, and we see this all the time while reporting gambling crimes,
is that they thought they could get away with running an unlicensed gambling site
online while promoting it on the most popular video-viewing site in the world!


Accordingt to Sarah Harrison, chief executive of the UK’s gambling commission:
“This was one of the most serious cases that has been
investigated and prosecuted by the commission. Its gravity
is reflected in the significant financial penalties imposed
by the judge.”


Douglas was fined £91,000 and Rigby was fined £164,000.  Both men are British
living in Essex in the UK.



BREAKING: New Political Game Sparks Major Controversy!

A new game has arrived on the internet that might ease your tendency for
violence in a totally unqigue way.  It is called Punch A Nazi. In the
game, players punch Adolf Hitler just by moving their hand-held device
in a forward punching action.  Then the damage shows in your desktop
monitor.  Fun, huh?


But that’s not all, there are two other characters in the game to whom
you can give a bloody nose or black eye: Richard Spencer, (the man that
coined the phrase “alt-right” and is the leader of that movement. and Milo
Yiannopoulos, a British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker,
and senior editor for Breitbart News.  You must have heard about the protests
at the University of California, Berkley a few days ago! It was a protest
due to the speaker being Milo Yiannopoulos and the action went violent very
quickly including a electric generator being set on fire which then set a
nearby tree ablaze.



So, I guess it should come as no surprise that the internet had to invent
an online game to mimic the real life violence.  The big controversy with
this new game is that it encourages the players to punch real life people.
What happens if the game makers, (or someone else), adds to the characters
in the game people like President Putin of Russia, The Supreme Leader of
Iraq Ali Khamenei, and/or President Trump?



We’ll see what happens.