Online Games Cheat Maker Bossland Loses!

It is all about an online game called Overwatch created by Blizzard Entertainment
which was released in May of 2016. Overwatch is a team based multiplayer first person
shooter video game and became an instant best seller for PlayStation and Xbox One.



The problem was that another company, Bossland, had quickly developed software known
as a ‘bot’ that allows players to cheat in the Overwatch game.  Bossland is located
in Germany and earns a huge profit selling it’s various cheating bots.


In July of 2016, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against cheat-maker Bossland for copyright
infringement among other things in a California court and in a German court.  Blizzard
claimed that it has lost millions of dollars due to Bossland’s cheating software.
Blizzard also claimed that the Bossland cheating software damaged the integrity of the
game and undermined what paying players have invested.


Just a few hours ago from this writing, it has been announced that Blizzard Entertainment
has won their suit against Bossland in the German court.  The legal win for Blizzard
came from the German Court Of Justice which ruled that Bossland acted in unfair and
disruptive practices with their cheating bots.


Exactly what penalties or punishments will be put on Bossland is as of yet not known.

Place Your Bets On Paradise Island Casino!

Another state has proposed legislation that would allow online casinos and
this one was not expected: Hawaii. The bill includes online poker, casino
games, and a lottery, but does not mention sports betting.




The Hawaii Senator that introduce the bill, Senator Will Espero, did so with
a twenty-nine page proposal.  Included in those twenty-nine pages are Sen. Espero’s
reason to legalize online gambling.  One, to protect the Hawaiian people from fraud
by unregulated gambling site. Two, in order to collect the tens of millions of
dollars in tax revenue lost to those unregulated online gambling sites.



The same bill proposes the creation of a governing and regulating body to be called
the Hawaii Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation in order to protect consumers.
Other states that are mostly at the same legislative stage of consideration are
Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Massachusetts. However, Hawaii is thought
to be a prime location because of it’s all-year perfect vacationing and tourism.



Going even one step further, Senator Espero wrote into the bill the basics of procedures
that would provide some of the revenue to social programs, public schools and the
Universtiy of Hawaii.



With all of the fore-thought and pre-planning of protecting the consumers and funneling
revenue back into the society, this bill actually has a good chance of passing.

Tired Of The Same Old Game? Sell It For $1,000!

If you have been playing the same online game for a long time and putting in
hours and hours with it, so many that you are just plain getting sick of it,
you might be able to sell your account for a big bag of cash!  New accounts
are not in demand, but if your account has lots of assets, especially those
rare items that are no longer available to others, than you might have a little
goldmine in your hands.



Which game accounts are in the most demand? Our underground markets research
provides five of the most popular games where the accounts have some value:

League Of Legends
World Of Warcraft
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Pokemon GO



There are other game accounts that have value, but it might take you a bit
longer to find a buyer.  Let’s say that you do have an older account on one
of the five games above, how do you know if your account has significant



That depends on the game, for example, in World of Warcraft there are icon
titles such as The Immortal, The Undying, Doctor, Hand of A’dal, and Argent
Defender which are no longer available to users.  It’s that no-longer-available
characteristic that creates the high value.  And there are also skins that have
value from rarity, such as, PAX Twisted Fate in League of Legends and seling
for $400 to $500!



The most valuable items we found were all of the Pokemons. If you can catch
all 150 Pokemons, you could sell your account for $1,000 or more.

Good luck!

Video Games Are The Ultimate Stress Reducer!

“According to Dr. Rosch (2001), via the American Institute
of Stress, job stress is estimated to cost U.S. industry
more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover,
diminished productivity, and medical, legal and insurance
costs.”  ~



Three-hundred BILLION?  That is a lot of stress in the good old USA! Maybe that
is why a new study has shown that video games are the most popular stress reducers.
Let’s face it, a blood-thirty video game filled with gunfire and explosions can
really takes your mind off of the mortgage or rent, your idiot boss, and your
uncooperative spouse or partner.

The new study which was done at the University College London reveals that online
video games are one of the most popular distractions used by men to reduce their
stress.  Whereas some people use yoga, self-hypnosis, breathing exercises, or their
favorite hobby, more and more men are getting into video games to reduce their stress
mainly because the other methods do not always clear the mind of their everyday


In an interesting comparison, almost one-third of men listed video games as their
main coping method while fifty percent of women listed prescription pills.

Gamble In A Futuristic Casino!

We all love science fiction on TV and in the movies.  It’s the magic that
the special effects can generate showing us things that do not actually
exist.  Making those things look as real as our own life.  One good example
for me is on Star Trek NG, all the doors open automatically when a person
approaches it.  That is a small example, because we actually have the technology
to do that today, but we don’t. Probably because kids will play with the door
opening mechanism. But also on Star Trek NG, there is the ship’s computer
that can talk to Captain Picard. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter a store or
a casino and just ask the computer “Which way to the rest rooms?”.



Well, that futuristic casino is coming sooner than you think. A science-fiction
casino built with the amazing features of virtual reality, (VR). Once you log
on, you will be able to walk through the casino from room to room. Talk to
other players and talk to the casino staff.  Ask a queestion, get the answer
in real time.


Actually, there is already at least on VR casino already operating:,
but there are more coming and the technology will be getting more and more real.


You can bet on it!

Online Games For Exotic Animal Lovers?

If you love all sorts of animals, you will appreciate the effort in east Africa’s
largest black rhino sanctuary named: Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy and Internet
of Elephants (IoE) to generate revenue for the conservancy by engaging animal
lovers and people that are curious about rhinos from all over the world with
online games that feature the rhinos.

Not only will players connect to animals in a completely new
way — playing the game will generate meaningful revenue that is
directed back to participating wildlife conservation organizations”
~ Elodie Sampere, Marketing Consultant at Ol Pejeta Conservancy



What a great idea. Pure innovation at it’s best. Since the initial launch of
the games is not until the end of 2017, we have not yet has a chance to preview
them, but we are greatly looking forward to that day.  After all, just how
does a game developer put real rhinos in an online game in such a way that grabs
the players attention and keeps the player engaged?



There will definitely be bumps in the road for these game developers and for the
game marketers.  Their competition is the action-adventure games such as World
of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto.  Gun fire and explosions are tough to beat
considering the demographics of males 15 to 45 years old.


We wish them luck!

Teenager Bilked by Sexy Online Games Girls!

It may seem odd to many of us that a young man, 14yo, could be so naive as
to spend too much money on cyber hostesses in the online games that he was
playing.  This Chinese kid, Xiao Ming, spent his family’s entire savings,
over $4,000US buying digital gifts for five of the game hostesses. It sounds
like a plot in a bad movie.

However, Xiao Ming stated that these cyber hostesses were his only friends!
(Red flags mom and dad).  Speaking of mom and dad, it’s a bit odd that they
did not notice their balance going down until it was completely gone.



Oh well, we must admit, those girls can be very charming.  Their job is actually
to promote online purchases. That is what they do all day long, chat with the boys
and men and encourage them to buy new features or upgrade their online account,
but dressed like that and on a web cam, a young boys mind can dream up other
adventures and Xiao Ming was determined to impress these five girls.



Apparently, the 14yo boy used his parents credit card to spend the money. So,
the game host could be liable for accepting money from a minor. We’ll see.

The First US President To Own A Casino!

At issue is online casino-style gambling and President-elect Donald Trump
will be the first ever president to own a casino, in fact, at one time he
owned three casinos in Atlantic City, two of which he has recently sold. In
case you are thinking that that ownership makes President-elect Trump a
sure-fire proponent of online gambling, think again, because although some
casinos are trying to get into the online casino gambing industry, it is
a distraction to their brick and mortar business, and they are not happy
about it.


It seems as though the online casinos would simply add to the off line
casino profits, but the problem is the competition. Off line, there is
little to no competition within driving distance, but no one needs to
get off their couch in order to gamble at an online casino.  If ONLY
the brick and mortar casinos were allowed licenses for online casinos,
they would love it, but there is no chance of that.  Once the flood gates
are opened, there will be license applications coming in by the dozens.


So, the land based casinos are basically saying ‘if we can have exclusive
rights to online gambling, then okay, otherwise it’s no dice’. And the
land based casinos have the money to lobby congress for whatever they want.
Let’s see how President elect Trump sees it.