Online Games Publisher Guilty Of Islamophobia!

Muhammad Zakir Khan was NOT allowed to sign up for an online game called Paragon a first
person shooter multiplayer gameby Epic Games because of his name.  Yes, you heard right.
The name “Muhammad Zakir Khan” is on a US watch list so that the US government could
monitor certain people online.






When Mr Khan tried to signup he was greeted witht he following message:
“Your account creation has been blocked as a result of a
match against the Specially Designated Nationals list
maintained by the United States of America’s Office of
Foreign Assets Control”
The purpose os that list is to monitor criminals working in the US, however, Mr Khan is
actually Professor Khan of Broward College in Florida.  When Professor Khan contacted
Epic Games, he received their apology for the inconvenience. Epic Games admitted that it
was their mistake and that they would remedy the situation as soon as possible.
Of course, Epic Games then passed the blame onto it’s developers, saying that they had
distributed the list to the developers who then wrongly applied it.


The blame game.  Finger pointing. Everyone’s has to blame someone, right?

Anyways, we hope Professor Khan has fun playing the first person shooter game Paragon
and we hope he’s playing in order to enhance his college work.



EVE Online Is Finally FREE!!!



Huh?  You never heard of EVE Online?  What is it?  Well, it is another war game
but 21,000 years into the future.  What does EVE mean?  Research sheds no light
on this, other than it is the name of a worm hole in the game that leads to another
galaxy supposedly giving humanity a new chance. Our guess is that it just means
the eve of a new life, but that’s just our guess.

Anyways, since EVE was first published in 2003, everyone needed a subscription
in order to play, which is about $10/month.  NOW, (and this just happened a week
ago), new players can signup for free and continue playing for free.

EVE Online is a very popular war game winning Game of the Year award from MMORG.COM
and accumulating a membership of 500,000 active subscribers.  That is not the biggest
subscriber base with online games, but, at $10/month each, it’s a nice chunk of
change.  Remarkably, the EVE Online players spend money on in-game extras such as weapons
and larger spaceships.

Of course, the free-to-play model will bring tons of new members, but the free version
will be very limited in order to lure them into a paid subscription.  It’s the old
“get them hooked in first” strategy and it works nicely online for games and also for
just about any type of membership website.  If your product or service is actually
good, give them a taste and they will buy more.



Brits Donate 17 Billion Dollars To Gambling Industry!




Maybe it’s not entirely correct to use the word “donate” where, in fact,
the money represents gambling losses, but when you put money into a machine
like a slots machine or play at a roulette table there is just no chance
of beating the house in the long run.  Therefore, generally speaking, the
masses of gamblers in the UK GAVE $17 billlion dollars to the money-grabbing
gambling industry.



Imagine what those Brits could have done with 17 billion dollars?



What is the number one problem in our world?  You might think of all the
wars, but let’s not forget that 17,000 children under the age of five die
EVERY DAY around the world.  Die from what?  Lack of sanitation mostly.
Lack of sanitation of self, clothes, eating utensils, and the general living
quarters.  Also, improper cooking, dirty drinking water, you get the idea.
These things lead to illness. Combine that with lack of health care and that
illness leads to death.  And these are just the kids under five years old.



Come on! 17 billion dollars every year could make a difference to those kids!



On the other hand, all that gambling loss created a windfall $500 million
tax dollars for the UK treasury.

Make Your Own Online Video Game And Be Famous!

Have you ever thought of making your own video game?  Maybe you have a great idea for
the theme and the action?  Maybe you think you can make a better version of an already
block buster online game such as, World of Warcraft or Code Of Honor?


There is a good chance that you can do it especially if you have even a little experience
in programming, even BASIC would help.  Here are some free tools that can help you get
started. Some of these tools are point and click, and drag and drop, so read on!

The two that I want to mention are Stencyl and GameMaker. They are both easy to use
and quick to learn the ropes.  Some decent titles have come from just these two tools so
get them and get into it!

Stencyl is an entirely drag-and-drop interface and you can publish your games to Windows,
Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Flash.  Stencyl is basically for sprite-based games, so it
tends to be most used for puzzle and side-scroller games.

The other tool is GameMaker and it is also free, easy to learn, and easy to use.  GameMaker
was created for beginners so relax.  With Gamemaker you can create games for Windows, Mac,
iOS, and Android.  GameMaker is mostly drag-and-drop, but also includes some hooks in case
you want to create a multiplayer game or dig directly into the code.

Play Your Favorite Online Games On A Cruise Ship!

I guess I am way out of touch. I though playing online games was something that
people, (mostly the younger generation), do when there is nothing better to do
at home.  Like, no good programs or movies on TV, no friends hanging around, etc.




However, as it turns out, the entire cruise industry is in a frantic hurry to upgrade
their cruise ships technologically.  The new cruise ships are called: smartships. These
ships have very fast satellite internet so while you lounge around on deck, you can
also text your friends and family back home, or even call them.

But there is more! They are building internet cafes on these smartships and even
going beyond a plain old internet cafe by building special rooms where the games
are almost life-size.

For example, Disney Cruise Lines has created a full-sized replica of the Star Wars’
Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, complete with four different scenarios that kids can pilot.
There is also a separate room called The Engine Room filled with Star War’s video

But Disney is not the only one using high tech to bring in more cruise customers.
Royal Caribbean International has launched a class of ships that features Voom satellite
Internet service.  Voom is fast enough that passengers can play online games on an
Xbox while out at sea in a dedicated Xbox video game lounge.

How To Cheat At League Of Legends!

Massively Multiplayer Online Games, MMOs, usually take a long time to learn the
ropes and then even longer to work, or fight, your way up the ladder, called
leveling up.  Meanwhile, others are shooting you!  Blasting you with grenades!
Blitzing you with lasar guns!  Splattering you with sonic canons!  Well, you
get the idea.  And then there is all the bullying because you are new, just a
rookie player!  The insults and dicriminations!


Finally, you say “To hell with it!”! And you decide to cheat your way up fast.
You justify thsi with “Why not, others are doing it, right?”.  But how can you
find some shortcuts to help you out?  The other players won’t help you, they
won’t share because they are enjoying their unfair advantage over you.


The good news is that there are scripts, sometimes called macros, that can help
you and they are sometimes free.  You just download them to your game’s folder
and you can be winning in a few minutes. Some of these scripts are very clever,
they can automatically ignite, smite, and heal when needed. They also can
automatically move in order to dodge bullets, etc.


When you are ready to level up FAST, just go to and search for:
“how to cheat at league of legends”.  You will find plenty of sites that teach
how to write the scripts and some that will let you download for free.

PCWORLD says: Facebook Is Distributing a Trojan Horse?

The Title of’s post reads “Facebook’s Steam-like Gameroom may be a Trojan horse for social VR”.

Ian Paul
Ian Paul | @ianpaul
Contributor, PCWorld
Nov 2, 2016 7:44 AM

Trojan Horse?  Really?  I wonder what Mr Paul really meant by that?  The Sub-title of that post
is: “Facebook’s Gameroom is now available for hardcore casual gamers.”

What is a “hardcore casual” gamer?  People want to know!

Oh well, I didn’t really mean to write a pcworld bashing post, but that post is begging for it.







The important thing is that Facebook is trying it’s best to get into the PC gaming business. That
means an application on your PC that you run in order to play a game.  Currently, all Facebook games
are browser based. You need to log into Facebook and click the GAMES bookmark to choose a game.

The download is available now from what we understand, try this:

Facebook certainly has a huge edge in this market since they already have over 1 billion members
to which they can market their Gameroom.  Gameroom is also available to developers and to advertisers.

I guess that’s what it’s really all about, the good old advertising buck!

GAMBLING: The Devil Made Me Do It?

Of all people, a priest stole money from his church to fund his online gambling habit.
About 96,000 British pounds, ($125,000), was admittedly taken by Father Graeme Bell, a
priest at Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Saltcoats, Ayrshire.



Bell returned about 25,000GBP qand Bell’s lawyer pleaded with the Sherrif that Bell had
and additional 70,000GBP available for repayment.


Bell’s lawyer Brown said the priest’s
“anxiety and depression reached a stage where he was not behaving
as a law-abiding individual, but that he is a good man who had given
his life to God, to the church and to his parishioners”


But Sheriff Alistair Watson sentenced the priest to 10 months, saying:
This is a very significant breach of trust and a substantial
amount of funds. All the difficulties you have did not remove
your free will – you deliberately undertook the actions.



So, there you have it.  The gambling addiction, itself, can not be used as a defense
in a court of law. One can not say to the judge it was the addiction that made me
steal, or whatever.  It is the same with alcoholism. Although medically valid, legally
one can not tell the judge that the alcohol made me do it. That will not fly in court.