GAMBLING: US Court Rules Bitcoins NOT Real Money!

As crazy as that sounds, at least one Judge has made that ruling.

According to
“In a 2016 money laundering case, Judge Teresa Mary Pooler,
based in Florida, ruled that Bitcoin was not backed by any
government or bank, and as such cannot be considered “tangible
wealth” and “cannot be hidden under a mattress like cash
and gold bars.”


Bitcoin experts see that ruling as a huge boost for Bitcoins, mainly because
if Bitcoins are not considered real money by the US courts, then using Bitcoins
for gambling and other online activities is perfectly legal.  This also means
that Bitcoins by-passes all US federal banking laws.

Yet, Bitcoins can very easily be converted into US dollars or any other of about
100 currencies used around the world.

The last I knew regarding gambling in US is that even if the bet is on a game
of chance, it is not actually an illegal bet if no “money” was paid or transferred,
so, if Bitcoins are not money, the gambling industry should be all set in USA!

Another benefit of Bitcoins is the anonymity.  Bitcoins are very hard to trace and
there are paid services that can “wash” your Bitcoins so that it is nearly impossible
to trace them.  This is great of those in shady industries, but also for anyone
that doesn’t want their snooping spouse to know where the money is going.

Online Games Cure Alzheimer’s Disease?

Well, it is breaking news for me, at least!  Alzheimer’s disease is a horribly
debilitatingdisease leaving the patient in a disoriented state of mind.  These
patients, when the disease if full blown, are not capable of caring for themselves
and they sometimes do not understand verbal instructions and they quite often
speak nonsense.  Alzheimer’s disease puts a major stress on a family that is caring
for mom or dad.


This is according to a new study which was presented to the Alzheimer’s Association
International Conference in Toronto.  The new study proved that Alzheimer’s patients
should definitely play online games.  Online games are known to have certain turns
and twists, decision-making, and memory challenges.  The games will improve mental
development, including improving memory and the cognitive skills needed for daily tasks.

The study results opens up a whole new world of treatment and possible recovery. In
the past, the only treatment was broad spectrum antibiotics which had serious negative
side effects.



The playing of online games obviously will have no negative side effects yet will
provide steps to recovery, keep the patients busy, fun entertainment, and possibly
improve their social interactions with other Alzheimer’s patients.
For decades, the medical establishment has been searching for a cure or at least a
quality, effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.  Who knew it was right under
our nose with video games?

Online Games Make Kids Smarter!!

Most of the time, we hear reports of students skipping classes from school in
order to play more games or skipping their study time and homework assignments
in order to have more online game time, but those might be the rare cases that
make great headlines.






In a new study from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, results clearly
show that students that play online games had higher grades. According to a huge
study of 12,000 Australina 15 year old students conducted by Alberto Posso,
associate professor at RMIT’s School of Economics, Finance and Marketing.


“Students who play online games almost every day score 15
points above the average in maths and 17 points above the
average in science.  When you play online games you’re
solving puzzles to move to the next level and that involves
using some of the general knowledge and skills in maths,
reading, and science that you’ve been taught during the day.”
~ Professor Alberto Posso

This is really quite startling!  Professor Alberto Posso suggests that online
games be somehow integrated with school.  Other educators have also made this
same suggestion, but they did not have the benefit os such a huge study.  Maybe
this is why the Chinese students always out score the US students in math and
science, they play more games?