Illegal Online Gambling Funds North Korean Military?

To the tune of almost one billion US dollars, the combination of illegal gambling
sites in China, Australia, etc, selling in-game items, gold-minng in games, and
blatant stealing by hacking, is reportedly helping to fund the otherwise poverty

stricken N. Korean military.



Maybe this is why the N. Korean people are starving, yet the government can afford
to develop ballistic missiles leaving the UN sanctions uselsss.


Yoo Dong-ryol, head of the Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy claims:
“North Korea operates tens of hubs in China and Southeast
Asia aimed at generating sorely needed foreign currency to
prop up the isolated regime… developing and selling illegal
gambling programs, operating gambling sites using names of
foreign nationals and stealing cyber money through hacking.”


Reportedly, illegal gambling software application are sold for tens of millions of won,
with lucrative charges for upgrades and the North hires local residents in other countries
to run the illegal gambling sites with a split of 50-50 as the incentive.
Some reports claim that the gambling software is embedded with malicious code that allows
the hijacking of the player’s computer for use later, possible in DDoS attacks.  Also,
it is claimed that N. Korea has a total of 8,000 hackers that work on this sort of thing.

Goodbye Yahoo Online Flash Games!

Yahoo Games shut down just a few months ago and already there are several
free-to-play flash games providers moving up the ranks.  Yahoo Games was
really a leader in free to play flash games and some people say that it was
Yahoo that made free to play popular.








Yahoo Games started almost twenty years ago, way back in 1997. There are many
game players online now that were not even born when Yahoo Games started. Yahoo
Games got it’s first big push when it acquired ClassicGames online game portal.
Of course, at Yahoo Game’s peak, it had it’s own games studio also.



Yahoo had also announced that it would be discontinuing the following:

  • Yahoo Livetext, it’s video messaging application.
  • Yahoo Astrology, famous for it’s daily horoscopes.
  • Yahoo Maktoob,  the first Arabic/English email service provider.
  • Yahoo BOSS, Build your Own Search Service.


Yahoo remains the busiest website in the world, but that is mostly attributed
to it’s email platform which is extremely popular around the world, especially
in the Asian countries.  Although Yahoo’s search engine also does well globally, still retains about 70% of US search traffic, and that’s why google’s
Adwords advertising makes google rich.




Town Official Plays Online Games And Town Pays!

Well, this is a new one for me.  I have heard of this type of thing many
times regarding online gambling, but this is the first time a town official,
(or anyone with access to finanial assets of municipality or company), has
siphoned off money just to play games online!





In a small town in Canada, Craik, the administrator, Jeff Murray, has been accused
of using the town’s Visa card to pay for online game subcriptions and more. Charges
have been filed, but the case has not come to court yet, so everything is this
article is “alleged”, not proven.


Paying just to play online games might sound like a small amount of money, small
potatoes, right?  However, Mr Murray found some rather expensive items to buy in
the games he played.  It is alleged that somehow Mr Murray spent over $8,000 at
the online free-to-play site Kongregrate, on exactly what items, we do not know.

It is also alleged that Murray spent $1,400 at Regina TNT Gunworks.  There were
many other online purchases.  The total comes to over $15,000.

The really amazing aspect of all this is how did he figure that he would not get
caught?  Let’s face it, he was the town administrator. Educated and experienced
in the financial world.

Pennsylvania Legalizes Online Gambling!

Just a few weeks ago, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives easily passed
an amendment to HB2150 that will legalize online gambling throughout the state.



Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Of course, this is just for gambling inside the borders of Pennsylvania, just
like other states that have legalized online gambling.  And, gamblers will have
to prove that they are within the state’s borders and that they are at least
twenty-one years of age.

The good news is that this amendment will legalized both casino and poker online
gambling sites.  Casinos already operating in the state can apply for a license.
Other gambling operators would have to partner with an existing in-state casino.


The state will take 14% of the gambling revenues and the localities will take
another 2%, all to be used as grants.


This amendment will also allow airports to have slot machines and some gaming
tables in waiting-area lounges.  However, no video game terminals will be allowed
in bars or taverns throughout the state, which is what stopped a previous
amendment from passing.

The whole bill now goes to the Pennsylvania Senate’s Community, Economic and
Recreational Development Committee where it is expected to be approved quickly.
The stage is being set, state by state, for some sort of national ‘web’ of
online gambling operations.