Ex-Sony CEO Creates His Own Online Game, Hero’s Song!

John Smedley was CEO of Sony Online Entertainment, (SOE), until SOE was sold to
an investment firm Columbus Nova and renamed Daybreak Games.  Mr Smedley then
became the head of that new game studio at Daybreak Games.  Unfortunately, Mr.
Smedley got involved is some sort of fued with a known high skilled hacker,
(know for persistent DDoS attacks), and so, Mr Smedley stepped down from his
position at Daybreak Games.


“The last time I did a startup was 1999, with EverQuest.
For a long time, I have wanted to start a company that
made super-deep games, versus superficial things.”
~ John Smedley



Village in Hero’s Song

Since then, Mr Smedley has formed his own game studio called: PixelImage Games
and his first release, Hero’s Song, is expected this year.  With over twenty
years experience with Sony Online Entertainment and now that his new game is
totally up to Smedley’s own imagination and desires, we can expect something
fantastic from him.

“Dwarf Fortress is the model, a hyper-deep game. I think of
[Hero’s Song] as a combination of Dwarf Fortress, Diablo III,
and Ultima Online. We are focusing on very deep gameplay,
and not so much on high-end graphics. We all love pixel graphics.”
~ John Smedley


And that is what Hero’s Song will be: 2D pixel art with super deep gameplay.


We are looking forward to Hero’s Song!



Online Games That Train Your Brain!

A study at King’s College London, shows that certain ‘brain training’ games can
increase memory and reasoning skills.  Over 7,000 volunteers were recruited for
the study.  All of the volunteers were over 50 years of age.






The 7,000 volunteers were split into two groups: test group and control group.
The test group were asked to play the games for ten minutes as often as they
want. The control group was asked to do simple internet searches.



Each group was initially tested with medically approved cognitive tests before
the playing any games, then again after three months, and finally again after
six months.  The study found that those who played the brain training games retained their
broader cognitive skills more than those in the control group that only did
simple internet searches.



Those participants over age sixty in the brain training group showed the most
improvement with everyday tasks and reasoning skills.



Due to the positive research findings of this study, the Institute of Psychiatry,
Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London is beginning a much longer
study to determine if brain traing games can help offset dementia.



Dr Doug Brown of the Alzheimer’s Society said:
“While this study wasn’t long enough to test whether the
brain training package can prevent cognitive decline or
dementia, we’re excited to see that it can have a positive
impact on how well older people perform essential everyday tasks.”



This is a great example of the benefits of online games!



Gambling? Pay With Paypal!

Paypal.com is one of the world’s largest payment processors, operating in
more than two-hundred countries in twenty-seven currencies.  Paypal is
cost effective and easily integrated to website check out pages.




Paypal News:
Paypal.com stopped allowing payments for gambling in 2003, while it was owned
by Ebay. Reports are that the feds questioned Ebay about the legality of the
payments for gamblng and that did it, Ebay caved. PayPal remained available
for many European gambling sites.



But then a few things happened.  One, paypal.com is no longer owned by Ebay and
two, gambling is now legal in some states. So, paypal wants to get back into the
gambling action.  Paypal knows where the money is!  So far, Paypal is just testing
the water with a few sites, one of which is wsop.com, (World Series Of Poker),
which is one of the biggest poker sites in the world.


However, use caution that if you use paypal to fund a gambling site that you
are funding a paypal-approved gambling site.




“According to research from Morgan Stanley, the U.S. online gambling industry’s
revenue could hit $5.2 billion in 2020, if more states legalize it. Currently,
the only U.S. states where online gambling is legal are Nevada, New Jersey, and
Delaware.” ~ fortune.com