Secret Messages Inside Online Video Games!

What will they think of next?  Some game researchers, supposedly in the US and
I do not doubt that, have come up with a way to send “signals” through online
games that are just about impossible to detect.  If they are detected, the
whole system can just be moved to a different online game.




Example of movement with special meaning.



What they have done is like: ‘move your avatar to the left, than to the right,
then jump up’, (over simplified example), action will be decoded on the other
end to mean ‘send me such-and-such file, webpage, or whatver’.  This may seem like
more work than it is worth, but the idea is to circumvent very tight restrictions
such as those in China and N. Korea.  This not something for secret national
defense communications.


A system that does this is already setup and called The Castle.  It is really a
framework or template that can be used on any online game.

“We can basically transmit any kind of information through the video game,” said
Nithyanad, one of the researchers.

The underlying code for The Castle has been uploaded to as “castle
covert channel”.  The researching team hopes that one day The Castle will be
a pluggable extension to the popular Tor browser which hides one’s IP address.

BILLION Dollar Illegal Gambling Ring BUSTED!!

An organized, international gambling ring that handled upto one billion dollars
has been put out of business.  Oddly, the investigation started with some inmates
and Albany County jail officers suspected of placing illegal bets.  Within weeks
it broadened into dozens of illegal gambling websites and in April 2014, fifty
people were arrested.  Many of the gambling websites were located in Panama.





Time and time again, the crooks think they can pull this stuff off if they operate
offshore, but they always get busted eventually because the bettors are in US. Duh!


Although the main focus was in Oklahoma, the FBI offices in Miami, Oklahoma, and Boston
organized their activities with the Albany County sheriff’s office, who used
search warrants to eavesdrop on tens of thousands of telephone calls, emails and
other online communications.

The big honchos involved incorporated their business as Legendz Sports which ammassed
hundreds of millions of dollars.  What happened with all of that money is not known,
but about ten million dollars was re-distributed to the law enforcement agencies
that cracked the case.

According to reports, two of those arrested had been wiretapped and were recorded
discussing the transfer of $4 million to a bank in Panama.  Transfers that big are
sure to get a lot of attention.  These guys this type of transfers on a regular



The Secret Society Of Games In Siberia!

The Secret Society is a game developed by twin brothers, Alexei and Afanasy
Ushnitskythat, were born and raised in Siberia where the temperature can drop far
below zero.  People tend to hunker down in that type of climate, even the kids.

So, these twin brothers did just that and played plenty of online games in the
comfort of their home.  One day on the way home from school, the brothers came
upon a magazine about games and they became interested in a certain article in
the magazine regarding a game developer.  In the article the developer wrote
that he has a swimming pool in his office.


That did it for them.  They immediately began reseaching what is involved in
programming a game at their local library.  They dug into BASIC first, but then
moved on to Pascal and Fortran. Eventually, they borrowed money from their father
to buy a high performance computer for programming and testing their game code.

Finally, they had their first game release, Xango Tango in 2008 and their first
income from games.  The very next year, they wrote Strange Case which is about
an FBI agent on missions.  It was on the top 100 list with Big Fish Games for
two weeks and earned them a ton of money and publicity.



Their biggest hit, The Secret Society, was released in 2012.  Today, their games bring
in a total of $11,000 a day for them and their publishers.


Nice one!