State of Kentucky Sues PokerStars For $870 MILLION!

The state of Kentucky sued PokerStars for $270 million dollars and the state
won that case, then the state of Kentucky asked the judge to change his calculations
and award the state triple damages and the judge agreed.  So, the total awarded
to the state of Kentucky is $879 million!  (Note: actually it was the parent
company of PokerStars that was sued: Amaya Holdings Group.).




What happened?
PokerStars was operating in Kentucky illegally for about five years and under a law
passed in 1833, the state is allowed to sue PokerStars on behalf of any player
that lost $5 or more playing poker on it’s website.  The state claims that
34,000 Kentucky players lost $5 or more playing poker on its websites.  Exactly
how the state knows that has not been revealed.



I have no idea how a law passed almost two hundred years ago could be applied
to a gambling website, but anything is possible in Kentucky.  Just look at
the judge’s comment: Amaya might “find the final damage award to be harsh
medicine. Such is the consequences for violating the laws of Kentucky.”



Of course, Amaya, the parent company, will be appealing this to the higher
courts, maybe even to the Kentucky Superior Court, so it could be years
before there is a final decision.


MMORGP is the acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. It
is often called just MMO for short.  MMOs are what is known as persistent world
games, in that, when you log out, the game continues for all the other players,
there is NO pause.

This persistent characteristic of MMOs is what causes much of the anxiety because
the players do not want to miss what is happening in the game if they log out. Also,
if they belong to a team or guild, and most do in the combat games such as World
of Warcraft, the team is left to fend for itself without the player that logs out.


So, this motivates players that want to be considered “good” team mates to stay
logged in hour after hour.  After all, you do not want to leave your friends alone
without your help in the combat missions.

If you want to play a MMO, the first step is to sign up and create an account.
Then you log in and create your character (avatar).  Keep in mind that if you
want to play this MMO with a friend or family member, they also would need
their own account.


At this point, there are setup instructions to get you playing.

Another DDoS Attacking Online Games!

You have heard of, right?  Twitch is a video-streamng service that streams
gamers playing their games and there are tons of people that enjoy watching others
play online games.  This might seem odd at first, but there is action, drama, and,
of course, the commentary of the gamer himself.  It all adds up.  And some of the
people watching are doing so in order to become better gamers themselves because
these people that are being watched are the best in the world.


Anyways, for some reason, the hacker group known as the Lizard Squad hit Twitch with
a DDoS attack.  Fortunately for twitch and all of their viewers, the attack only lasted
a few hours.

A distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) is when a website server, (a commercial
computer), is sent so many requests that it gets logjammed and can not take any more.
At that point, no one else can connect to that service.


This same hacker group, Lizard Squad, also took down Blizzard’s, Nintendo,
and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. They seem to have a major resentment for some game hosts,
but in their own words, they claimed to be bringing attention to the lack of game
security.  And getting plenty of attention themselves in the process, in fact, one
member of the group has been arrested for invovlemnet in the DDoS.