Online Gambling Is Fueling International Terrorism?

That is the claim of former New York Gov. George Pataki during an interview
on TV.


Pataki cite’s the FBI:
“They have said it’s going to be very difficult if not
impossible to monitor this,”




However, this is not a completely objective opionion since Gov Pataki is the the
co-chair of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, a  public campaign backed by
Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. You see, there are some in the brick and
mortar, land-based gambling industry that hate the idea of online gambling because
they believe it will diminish their own casino’s profits.



It is about their own pocketbook and has little or nothing to do with terrorism in
my opinion.  However, they have learned from the US federal government that if you
tack the fear of terrorism on to your warnings and onto your justifications, it hides
your personal agenda and it is a great motivator.  It makes you appear so compassionate
and very patriotic.  So, if it works, you get to be the good guy AND you get to fill
your pockets with additional cash.



Certainly, terrorists and other cyber criminals will take advantage of online gambling
to launder their funds, but they are already doing that in the offshore, black market
gambling sector and they would probably stay there whre there is less or no regulation.

New Law, Kids Can Play Online Games All Night!!!

Geees, what are they thinking?  Last year S. Korea responded to an epidemic
of children playing online games at internet cafes all night long or well into
the wee hours after midnight with a law banning under 16 from midnight to 6am.

That seems perfectly logical to me and to everyone that I have discuss this
issue with in forums.  But NOW, S. Korea has written a new law, or modified
the original law, so that children under 16 can play all night long IF they
have permission from their parents.




This seems like just passing the poor judgement of the under 16 children on
to the poor judgement of their parents to me!



According to the Culture and Gender Equality ministries:
“The revision will allow Korean parents to fully engage in
their parental rights while giving the local gaming industry
a boost”



So now, kids of any age, even 10 years old could stay up all night playing online
games at an internet cafe as long as they have parental approval?  That logic dose
not cut the mustard.  What if they applied that logic to drinking alcohol or buying



I do not dare ask how the internet cafe owner, or clerk on duty after midnight, will
verify the legitimacy of the parental approval.

Online Games Are The Gold Rush Of The 2000s!

Hey, you have probably heard of in-gaming gold mining and if you are an avid
player, you have probably done some in-game gold mining for yourself.  In-game
gold mining is okay unless you over do it, then it might be against the rules.
However, in-game gold mining is small potatoes compared to the real big “gold”
of cybercrime.



Cybercrime is as old as the internet itself, but lately the crimes have been
limited to data breaches at banks and a few large corporations where the hacker
can obtain names, addresses, and credit card information.  With the immense
popularity of online games, the playing field has been multiplied by 1,000


There are over 1.2 BILLION people around the globe that are playing online
games.  All of them had to enter some sort of payment information in order
to play.  Add to that the fact that the software is vulnerable in so many
ways that the game developers are not accustomed to secure, and you have a
disaster waiting to happen.

The rush is that all of this is also new to the hackers since they have been
so busy hacking straight up software like banks and such, they also are not
acclimated to hacking game software.  So, it is first come, first serve!

Legalized Online Gambling is Back!!

Well, at least in Nevada, Delaware, and New jersey, but what is new here is
that Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Delaware Gov. Jack Markell have signed an
agreement that allows online poker betting between both states.  Previously,
only Nevada residents and tourists could place bets with Nevada-based online
casinos and the same was true for Delaware.  Only Delaware residents could
place bets at Delaware-based gambling websites.  The problem with that limited
arrangement is that the betting pool was also limited and that limited the
casinos “take” and bigger the casinos take, the bigger the state’s take in taxes.







The agreement that Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Delaware Gov. Jack Markell have
signed also creates a framework for other states to join and an oversight committee.
Therefore, bringing regulation to the industry and safety to the consumers.



According to reports, New Jersey is very interested in joining Nevada and Delaware
states is such an agreement.  If that happens, we have three states combining the
betting pool in every game of poker, just an example.  If things work out well
for those three states, many more states would probably want to join, making online
poker legal in most of the United States!