Asia-Pacific Online Game Revenue Will Reach 30 BILLION!

What is Asia-Pacific?

“Asia-Pacific or Asia Pacific is the part of the world
in or near the Western Pacific Ocean. The region varies
in size depending on which context, but it typically
includes much of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia,
and Oceania.” ~ Wikipedia






I guess that is not too surprising considering that the Chinese absolutely
LOVE playing online games in their internet cafes and the S. Korea is the
most “wired” country in the world and they also love online games.  Some
Asians have been known to play all day into the night until the sun rises
again!  Of course, it is not just those two countries, Asia-Pacific is HUGE
.You can that from the image map above.



It is estimated that about 335 million Asians are playing online games and
almost 200 million of them are paying to play.  The total revenue from them
is expected to reach 30 BILLION in the next two years according to experts.
The same experts are estimating an annual growth rate of 18%.


The reasons for this super growth is both the increaing mobile market and
the Freemium model of free-to-play.  The freemium model means that player
can sign up and begin playing without manking any initial payments, but
their gameplay will be somewhat limited.  To expand their online game
experience, they can make small purchaese of special assets.

What The Heck Is Splatoon?

Splatoon is a third-person shooter game, that means that you see your avatar
in front of you, compared to first-person shooter games where you do not see
your avatar at all, you just see the game action through your avatar’s eyes.


Even though Splatoon is a shooter game, it is not about killing, blowing things
up, and blood-letting; that is the good news and it is quite refreshing.  The idea
that people can enjoy an online game without killing each other is great. You will
have a “weapon”, but it shoots ink or paint and you can splat your opponent.  But
the real action is just moving around the environment and shooting paint everywhere
to paint everything.

Your avatar is a humanoid that can change to a squid at will and change back. This
changing gives you more variety in movement and the ability to hide and elude your


Splatoon has a single-player mode AND multi-player mode. In multi-player mode you
will be in a team of four and have missions to paint this or that with certain
colors.  You need to get the colors right.

There is a reason for the ‘toon’ in Splatoon which is that the avatars have that
cartoon look to them rather than some sort of futuristic, artistic graphic.
Overall, it is a fun game and the games are relatively short so you can play
even if you have a busy schedule.

Win 1.5 MILLION Playing Online Poker!

The biggest payout in New Jersey’s online gambling history, since a woman
won 1.3 million in November, 2014.


The winning man refused to let his name be public which was probably a good idea,
since everyone and his brother would have tried to sell something to him and/or
ask for a donation for whatever cause.


Poker, online and offline, has many variants, and the type this man was playing
is called Let It Ride.
This is basically how Let It Ride Poker works:

  1. Player makes three bets of equal size.
  2. Dealer gives player three cards.
  3. Player may pull his first bet back or “let it ride.”
  4. Dealer deals the first community card, to be used by all players.
  5. Player may pull his second back or “let it ride.”
  6. Dealer deals the second community card, to be used by all players.


So, each player has three cards of his own, plus can use the two community
cards to make a poker hand. This man was not a five-dollar or ten-dollar type
of bettor and his first three cards inspired him to wagered $500 on each of
his three initial bets, plus another $500 on a side bet.  He was probably
hoping for a flush, five cars all the same suit.  Instead, he got a royal
straight flush, ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of the same suit.


That paid 1,000 to 1.  Cha-ching!!!



Online Game Cheating Is Easy As Pie!

There is a major difference between cheating or hacking a website and cheating or
hacking an online game.  In order for there to be legitimate transactions between
our computer’s and websites or game hosts, decisions have to be made.  Each time
we input our username, just for example, the website will confirm and verify that
username, then the same happens when we input our password.  It is always the
responsibility of the website to do these security checks. While that website
is verifying our input, we have to just sit and wait for one or two seconds.




Online games are vastly different.  Even just a fraction of a second could make
a difference in combat situations, which is the typical gameplay in the most
popular online games, such as, World Of Warcraft, Call Of Duty, etc. etc.

Therefore, with an online game, most, if not all, of the decisions are made right
on the player’s computer, or other device, by the game’s software that was initially
downloaded in order to play the game.


Putting the decision-making software on the player’s computer, or console, is like
leaving the keys in your car; you really have to trust people or you get burned.


And, most online games are getting burned!