What Are Advergames And Why Should Parents Worry?

Advergames have been around for a long time. Maybe since the beginning of games
themselves, but now there are many more games and over 1.2 BILLION game players



“Advertising using games is a long-standing practice in
the video game industry. Various methods have been used
to integrate advertising into video games to advertise
products, organizations or viewpoints.[1]”
~ wikipedia.org



Advergaming is more than just placing an advertisement in some game, it is more
like developing a game with the advertisement in mind.  Thus, an advergame is
more or less dedicated to one brand.



The main problem is when the advergames are targeted to children and advertise products
that their parents would not approve.  An example would be unhealthy food.  There have
been warnings that is some cases, they kids playing the games do not realize that the
advertisement is NOT part of the game, but just an advertisement.  I remember that as
a young child, I used to see on TV advertising the statement: “Approved by the American
Dairy Association”, and I thought that was some sort of official verification of the


That is just one example of how advertising can influence young minds. Fortunately,
some advertisements promoting food and drink products that are high in salt, sugar
and fat are already banned around children’s games programms.

Four Online Casinos Held Hostage!!!

Atlantic City, New Jersey:
Not just hacked, but hit with a distributed denial of service, (DDoS), attack
that rendered the four online casinos inoperable during the July 4th weekend;

usually a busy time for them, thus they most certainly lost some money.



And here is the kicker!  The attacker demanded a ransom of an unreported amount
to be paid in Bitcoins within 24 hours or a larger attack will ensure!

Well, of course, everyone and his brother is investigating; including the Division
of Gaming Enforcement, the State Police, the FBI and the New Jersey Office of
Homeland Security and Preparedness.  Homeland Security??  Okay, whatever.

So, we have Bitcoins.  The perfect answer to eveyone that demands a ransom. Kidnappers,
airline hijackers, and all sorts of hostage takers can now collect their ransom anonymously
through Bitcoins.  No more: “Drop it off at the corner of such and such street and
do not mark the bills, do not notify the police”.  And all that sort of stuff.  Just
give the victim your Bitcoin ID and they make the payment.  With Bitcoins, it is
all 100% anonymous.  Bitcoins are thoroughly not traceable and can be easily converted
to any currency.

12% Of Gamers Are Mentally Ill?

Hey, I did not say that, do not get mad at me, I am just repeating the “news”!
So, if you play a lot of games for hours upon hours, you are sick, a crackpot,
a mental case, you are a danger to yourself and possibly to others around you.
You can not be trusted. You are not hireable.  You can not learn in school.  You
are basically DOOMED!




That is what an article on theweek.com, titled The psychology of video game addiction
by Jack Flanagan, who is NOT a trained medical professional is claiming:


“a study found almost 12 percent of participants in a 7,000
person study were diagnosed as addicted to video games.”



Jack says that game addiction should be in the DSM, the psychiatric manual for
understanding and diagnosing mental illness, so he is saying that anyone that
plays a lot of games and is adversely affected is actually mentally ill.



Ummm, sorry Jack, as to date, there is NO physiological evidence that choosing
to play more games instead of eating, sleeping, bathing, or whatever, is a
mental illness worthy of the DSM.  Playing games is a choice that some people
make. Games are NOT addictive.  There is no addictive substance.



Jack, please find something substantial to write about.