Online Games Accept Anonymous Bitcoins!!!

I did not see this coming.  Anonymously paying for in-games assets like weapons, armor,
ammunition, virtual vehicles, etc. etc, could be a tricky setup, but one outfit is
experimenting with taking anonymous Bitcoins as payment.






Zynga is experimenting with seven of their game offerings, allowing them to accept
Bitcoins as payment:  CastleVille, ChefVille, CoasterVille, CityVille, FarmVille 2,
Hidden Chronicles and Hidden Shadows


It may seem like a good idea, like it will be in new business, but who uses Bitcoins?
Those savvy online guys that want to be anonymous.  So, Zynga is just letting anonymous
players into their games.  You see, it is the payment information that identifies
each player.  If I pay with my Paypal account and the game host bans me for breaking
their rules, I can not sign up again and use my Paypal account again, they would know
that it is me; the same guy that they banned.


BUT, if I pay with Bitcoins, I am anonymous.  They can ban me one-hundred times, and
I could just sign up again, with fake name and address, and pay again anonymously with


Zynga is taking a big rish with this payment system.  They need to know exactly WHO
they are doing business with or they could get themselved into a fix that they don’t


Don’t they know this?



ONLINE GAMBLING: Son Steals From Dying Mom!!!

What is the most disgusting thing a son can do to his own dying mother?
Steal her money for his gambling habits.  David Rylance of South Shields, UK, was
supposed to take care of his mother and her last pension funds, but Rylance had
some other ideas.  He could take some of her money without her permission and without
her knowledge and gamble it away with some online slot machines. Gees!






His mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and basically on her death bed,
yet she noticed that some money was missing.  We are not sure to whom she voiced
her concerns, but her concerns were brushed off due to the Alzheimer’s disease.

There was at least one other sibling, a sister, Lesley.  Why she did not get
involved to the extent of at least checking her mother’s account is a mystery.

Her mother had expressed concerns, but her daughter did not believe her and
therefore, did not follow up.  That is all that was needed to stop the crazy
and criminal theft of this ill and dying woman’s money.

When a dying mother can not trust her own son and daughter to watch over her
funds, it is a tragic story of dysfunctional family.

First Person Shooter Games Biasing Against Women!

A new study which was published by researchers at Virginia Tech, Ohio State, and Pennsylvania
State Universities and is part of the Computers in Human Behavior series of research papers
is revealing that men and women are “accepted” by others in first-person-shooter, (FPS), games
based on different criteria.





The two groups in the study, (men and women), played either politely or aggresively, the
first-person-shooter games Titled: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, then they sent out friend

Basically, the study is saying that women that acted polite are more often accepted as friends
than women that behaved aggresively and trash talked.  At first glance, this would seem to make
perfect sense, except that the exact opposite was true for men.

The men that gave out negative comments, trash talking all the way AND played very aggressively
were more likely to be accepted with a friend request.


This seems to fit the male-female stereotypical behavior that our society holds, women should
act like ladies, yet men can be “bad boys”.  You might be thinking, of course, men would
accept friend requests from aggressive men, but that is not what the study measured.  The
study measured which friend requests from the men, (polite or aggressive), would be accepted
by the women.and, to my surprise, the women were more likely to accept friend requests from
the bad-mouthing, aggressive men.





Sony’s CEO Loses Job After Brutal Cyber Attack!

Here’s a good one.  For some unknown reason, CEO John Smedley’s flight was grounded
due to a bomb threat.  Smedley found out that it was Julius Kivimaki, a cyber criminal
and member of the cyber vandal group Lizard Squad behind the bomb threat.  So, in his
SEO-type of wisdom, he threatened to sue Kivimaki, the hacker.  Ooops, not a good



Next thing you know Sony’s PSN, the whole network, was taken offline with a DDoS,
(Distributed Denial of Service), attack.  Sony’s PSN network was offline for almost
five since the start of the outage.  Obviously, that not only angered all the PS3
owners because they could connect in order to play their games for those five days,
but also, the company must have lost millions of dollars.



Just to put more drama on the whole thing, the hacker involved Julius Kivimaki gave
a recorded interview which showed his face.  Of course, law enforcement picked up on
this, he was arrested and convicted, but the judge gave Kivimaki only a two year
suspended sentence.  Gees!



When CEO Smedley heard of this incredible light sentence, he tweeted “I’m coming
for you!”.  Imagine?  A CEO of such a big corporation getting into a personal fued
with a computer hacker?  Did Smedley have nothing better to do?  You mean, even at
his high corporate rank, he could not just brush this off?



Bottom line is that Sony did not was it’s CEO in a feud with a computer hacker
that has already proven that he could take down the network for five days.

See yah later Mr. Smedley.