82 Online Gambling Sites Out Of Business!

A huge gang of criminals have been arrested for laundering their cocaine
profits through their own gambling establishment, including 82 online
gambling websites.




The gang, known as ‘Ndrangheta’, which is Greek for loyalty oddly enough,
have been importing cocaine from Latin America and smuggled into Europe
via north Africa. This Ndranghata is know as the most powerful organized
syndicate in Italy, having surpassed Sicily’s Cosa Nostra and the Naples-based
Camorra.  Their rise in power came mostly from the huge profits they were
taking in from cocaine.



By the time all the dust had settled, the Italian police reported having seized
over TWO BILLION DOLLARS in assets from this notorious organised crime syndicate
that dominates Europe’s cocaine trade.



Well, from out perspective, that is 82 fewer online casinos where we could
have placed a bet legally.  I mean, even though the syndicate was laundering
money through those casinos, they were otherwise legal and above board
establishments.  That is going to hurt not just the gamblers in Europe, but
all over the world since even US gamblers were using certain techniques to
connect to some of those online casinos and poker rooms to place their bets.

Hacker Takes Down Nintendo and PS3, But Gets No Jail Time!

Sometimes I just have to seriously wonder about what makes some people
tick. Yah know?  Even if you do not use a Nintendo or PS3, you probably
heard of that they went offline starting on Christmas day last year due
to a DDoS, (Distributed Denial of Service), attack.



The Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the DDoS attack and one member
of that hacker group actaully did an interview with SkyNews where he showed
his face!  My understanding is that that interview is on youtube. LOL

Guess what?  Law enforcement watches youtube vids also. Haha!  Book’em Dano!
He was booked and then convicted of 50,000 counts of Internet-related crimes,
however, the court must have been half asleep during the trial because the
judge gave him, Julius “Zeekill” Kivimaki, a two year suspended sentence!

Huh?  That is barely a slap on the wrist for the damage he did.  The convictions
against Kivimaki include data breaches, telecommunication harassment, and
various fraud violations.

Consider that Xbox Live was down for almost 24 hours during Christmas Day
and Sony’s PSN was hit even worse, and it did not come fully back online
until five days after the outage started.

Play Grand Theft Auto And Get Raped!!!

Yes, if you are a sex maniac, this is just too good to be true!  In Grand
Theft Auto, (GTA), there are mods, (scripts that modify the original code),
that allow your avatar to rape another player.  And that player can not escape
nor stop you in any way.  Resistance is futile!



On the other hand, your avatar might be the one getting raped.  Are we having
fun yet?  Some players record these rape sessions and upload them to youtube.



Grand Theft Auto is one of the best selling games of all time, breaking several
records and also the fastest to reach 1 billion dollar release.  The whole point
of Grand Theft Auto is “too kill”, but in order to take a break from that hectic
action, a little rape seems to pacify some players. Sick.



Oh well, I suppose that in a game which is all about killing,  a raper here or
there is not all that bad.  After all, it is just the avatars that are getting
virtually raped.



And now the psychologists will write their papers and appear on TV talk shows
with their new book that explains all the inner motives and how society is to
blame and maybe inadequate potty training could be the problem.