High Security Prisoners Still Place Their Bets!

Leicestershire, UK.

Even convicted, imprisoned murders can place their bets in some prisons and
that seems to be the case in prisons in the UK.  Onc such case, is convicted
murder Ricky Oldroyd, 24, who is serving a life sentence for stabbing a 50
year old man to death in a disagreement about that man’s dog.






Ricky has somehow got his hands on a cell phone in prison even though they
are NOT allowed.  Reportedly, visitors smuggle them in and the prison system
that is safe guarding UK citizens can NOT prevent a simple thing like that.
I would have to assume that other contraband can also be smuggled in, such
as, knives, hacksaw blades, cash, etc. etc.




Anyways, Ricky is having a great time serving his “punishment”.  He has been
placing bets with a cell phone and he CLAIMS to have been winning regularly.
Over $1,000 won in one bet according to him.  He also has been posting selfies
on his Facebook profile with him in several different poses, in one he is
showing off two nice watches, one is a Rolex.


As well as Ricky, other high security prisoners have also been posting photos
of themselves on Facebook.  Of course, the prison officials claim to know
nothing about this. Duh, yah right.  But they vow to take action!

Online Video Games FACTS!

Until now I had never heard of the Entertainment Software Association, but now
I see that they are the people that constantly try to boost the online game
industry.  The game developers and the game publishers must be paying dues to
these guys.  One of the ways that they do their job is to publish a yearly
paper with all the “facts”, (according to them).


So, here are some ‘facts’ according to the industry itself:


  • 155 million Americans regularly play video games.

What do they mean “regularly”?



  • 42 percent of Americans play for at least three hours per week.

That is not as much as I thought.  According to all the scary headlines
about people getting addicted to online games.




  • Four out of five American households contain a device used to play video games.

Well, of course, a dived used to play video games could be a console, such as, the
Xbox 360, the Wii, the PS3, or it could also be a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or a smart




  • The average game player is 35 years old.

I have heard this elsewhere and it really shocks me, but I think what they mean
is the average age, ie, add up all the ages then divide by all the players.




  • 56 percent of players are male. 44 percent are female.

This probably includes all the males that pretend to be females. LOL

What Is Xbox 360 And Who Cares?

Lots of people, (kids mostly), have an Xbox 360 which is a TV set that allows the
owner to play games, but not watch TV. The Xbox 360 is a dedicated gaming toy.  It
does nothing else but play games.  Strangely enough, it actaully has competition,
such as Nintendo’s Wii and the PlayStation 3, (PS3).  All three are just toys for
the kids really.  I could have more fun with my calculator, but the owners swear
by these gadgets which costs in the hundreds of dollars just for the intitial
machine, then you have to buy games to play on it although the Xbox comes preloaded
with a few games.



If the Xbox 360 is just a very expensive toy why do parents buy them?  Simple, the
kids keep begging for them and eventually the parents cave-in on the kid’s birthday
or on Christmas!

The Xbox officially launch back in 2005 and was quite popular so for awhile, it was
in relatively short supply.  But that was only because it was a novelty.

Once the kids get hooked on the Xbox 360, they are pretty much hooked for life and
never learn what a real computer can do.  That is my assessment.

Place Your Bets On A Real Murder Trial!

It is truly amazing what people are willing to bet on and what the bookies
are willing to give odds on.  I have heard that some websites in the UK were
taking bets on individual events during the Summer Olympics in Brazil.  In
fact, I heard they were taking bets on the weather duing the opening ceremony.
LOL.  What will they think of next?



How about betting on the outcome of a real live murder trial?



This was the case of the murder trial of Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius
if he will be found guilty of murder.  The Paddy Power website offered odds of
2-5 for a not guilty verdict, and 7-4 for a guilty verdict.



Here are a few more very weird bets that have been offered:
Will Obama close Guantanamo Bay? Yes (9/4) No (2,7)

Will the next James Bond be black?  Yes (4/1)  No (1/7)

When will alien life be proven?
2013 (25/1)
2014 (80/1)
2015 (100/1)
2016 (100/1)
2017 (100/1)
2018 (100/1)



How will Julian Assange leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London?
UK police car (11/10)
Ecuadorian state car (7/4)
Helicopter (7/1)
Diplomatic bag (20/1)
Laundry van (100/1)
Hot air balloon (150/1)
Tunnel (200/1)
Jet pack (500/1)



Is it just me or are these strange?