Online Games Bad Behavior Completely Explained!

Maybe you have see some of these headlines in the news lately:


  • “Internet trolls are sadists and psychopaths: Canadian study”
  • “Survey Exposes Prevalence of Online Harassment”
  • “Study: we cheat in video games because we assume everyone else does”
  • “Why Online Games Make Players Act Like Psychopaths”
  • “Anonymous trolls are destroying online games. Here’s how to stop them”.
  • “Studies Delve Into Community, Anonymous Behavior In Online Games”
  • “Why we behave like psychopaths in online games”

At a glance, it might seem like the worl has gone crazy, but what is really
happening is that people that consider themselves ‘experts’, and some that
don’t), are just getting into writing about a topic that doesn’t actually
need anyone to write about it.  It is too simple to write about.



All the articles in the above headlines bring up the question of bad behavior
during online games.  There are tons more of these type of headlines about bullying
and sexual harraassment, I just did not have those at my finger tips when writing
this.  All the above headlines can be found with a simple search in



The reason for bad behavior is that it is the nature of humans.  This is why violenct
TV shows and violent movies are popular.  But since we can not all be movie stars,
the online fantasy is the place to act out.






X-Rated Online Games!

The Australian government has finally joined the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).
IARC consists of representatvies from governments and industries from US, Canada, and Europe.
Their job is to rate online games so that parents, and the players, have more information
about a game and know what they are getting into.  Most parents think that World of Warcraft,
Grand Theft Auto, and similar games are about guns and that’s it, but if you search
images for ‘world of warcraft sex’, you will be shocked at the amount of nudity and sexual
activity in the images, including rape.



G – General
P – Parental Guidance
M – Mature Audiences
M – Mature Resticted 15+
R – Restricted 18+
X – Restricted 18+

In Australia, this will be a 12-month trial program.  I am not sure what exactly they are
“trying”, games need to be age-rated and that is that!  I just wonder what the hell took
them so long?

The way this will work is that game publishers will fill in a questionnaire regarding their
game when they submit that game for acceptance with the country.  Hopefully, they will
answer the question honestly, but, keep in mind they will definitely present their game
in the best light and some of the question might be quite subjective.

I’m Not Much Of A Gambler!

“I’m Not Much Of A Gambler!”.

Those words came from a lady that had just won the 1.3 MILLION dollar slot
machine jackpot at!  It was her first time online gambling
and she had 20 free spins at the 50-cent online slot machine game, so she
gave it whirl.  CHA-CHING!



And when she hit the jackbot, she thought she had won just $1,000 until she
made a phone call and the representative told her she had won over one million.
According to this was the first 7 figure winnings in New



Sure, she had been to the land-based casino in the past. She knew what a slot
machine is, heh.  But for her it was just two or three times a year, nothing
more than that.  She was not hooked on gambling.



She also said that her winnings will be paying off some family debts, put some
aside for kid’s college, then have a nice Christmas!



This is the right was to gamble, if you MUST gamble.  If you lose, get out,
find another pastime.  If you win, take the loot and get out!  Casino gambling
is only a business for the casino, so do not ever try to increase your winning
as if you actually had a chance.  It’s total luck and the odds are with the
casino.  Got it?