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Not happy with all the blood-letting in Grand Theft Auto?  Disgusted with the
sexual harassment and rape in World Of Warcraft?  Completely fed up with the
idiot trolls in all the MMO games?




Now, you can turn the clock back and play some games that are actually fun as
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Of course, some people will say those games are for the older generation that had
MS-DOS only.  Yah, some of these games were published BEFORE Windows OS, but really
these games are for anyone that wants to have a bit of fun.  A distraction from
the hectic schedule of our lives.


If you are a demented, blood-thirsty, sex maniac, and you enjoy competing with opponents
that are cross-dresser and transvestites, you are better off to stay with your Massively
Multiplayer games.

Men Pretending To Be Women in Online Games?

No, it is not pedophiles this time, it is a ‘real’ man that likes to play
games a female.  Yuck.  First of all, it sounds like a sort of gender treason.
How could you trust anyone that fakes their gender?  Gender is one of the
human being’s most prized possessions.





He says: “I self-identify as a straight male-bodied dude”,  Huh?  What the
hell is “self identify”?  Is that some new game lingo?  Or psycho-babble?
And “male-bodies”?  It really sounds like he has a hidden desire for a sex
change to me.  We are not going to reveal his identity or where we read the
initial story, it would be too embarrassing.


Some research on this phenomenon reveals that men are more likely to pose
as women, than women are to pose as men.  Well, good for the ladies that
they are proud to be females.  “I am woman, hear me roar!”




A study by Slate, shows that 27% of men pretend to be girls when they play
online games.  One out of four?  Disgusting, isn’t it?  Meanwhile, only
7% of ladies chose to pretend to be men.  At least the ladies have the excuse
that maybe pretending to be a man cuts down on the sexual harrassment issue.



It’s strange world we live in.



Another Gambling Idiot Goes To Prison!

Here we go again.  You know, it is one thing when a man steals food to
feed his family, that is understandable, even though it is still a crime,
but when a person with a high paying, top level job steals in order to
fund their pleasure activities, it is called ignorance!

So, 41 year old Jacqueline Balaam abused her job as a finance officer of
Pembroke College in Cambridge, UK, to steal more than $325,000 from the
college.  I wonder where SHE went to school, if she ever did.  It is
possible to just fake one’s educational credentials on the job application
and resume.  It the Human Resources person does not check, you are in
like Flynn.




Anyways, this woman had a very decent job with decent pay and with an elite
organization, but she decided to start gambling and for some unknown reason,
she did not have the brains to stop herself as she went into debt.  you would
think that a person in the position of financial officer would be extra
sensitive to debt.  Unfortunately, the human brain does not work that way.

The human brain is based on fantasies of ego-self.  It spends all it’s day
with either how wonderful it is or how stupid it is.  If any brain spends
too much time on the latter, it becomes vulnerable to the fantasy of becoming
rich and famous.


Ooopsie!  Didn’t make it Jacqueline?  Have fun in prison, dummy.

Three Hackers Take Down Xbox Live and PSN

I found it really strange that one of the hackers of Lizard Squad would
go an interview about his group’s DDoS attack on Xbox Live and PSN that
left thousands if not millions of players unable to play their games. I
mean, DDoS, (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are against the law,
as far as I know, so why would one the criminals give an interview and
give out information that law enforcement would clearly like to have?



The Lizard Squad member being interviewed used the name Ryan and said
there were only two others involved in this DDoS attack and the youngest
is just 13 years old. LOL.  That is pretty young to get involved in
cyber crime.



On the other hand, Rysn said that their reason for the attack was just
to bring awareness to the game publisher’s lack of security.  Hmmm.
I think it was more like bring awareness to themselves. After all,
DDoS attacks are illegal and carry a huge penalty
One website claims:
“…a maximum punishment of ten years in prison.
One merely needs to act with the intention of taking
down a website, however temporarily for the law to
apply. Even distributing tools to use in DDoS attacks
can be an offense.” ~


So, who in their right mind would take a chance of a 10 year prison
term just in order to bring security awareness to an online game
that they have no other interest with?