Online Games May Hit $12 BILLION This Year!

While mobile games seem to be the hot market that everyone is talking about,
it is the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games, (MMORP), on PCs
that will bring in the most revenue this year; an expected $12 BILLION.
Ane one in particular, League Of Legends by Riot Games, a Multiplayer Online
Battle Arena, (MOBA), where five players take on five other players in a
fierce, quick paced battle, is slated to reach almost one billion just by itself.



And a very big part of that $12 billion revenue is NOT from the, now old-fashion,
and traditional subscription gaming, but from the new and refreshing free-to-play
model of membership and play.  In the free to play model, new members can register,
login to their account, and actually play the game for FREE!  However, those players
playing for free will be limited to the bare bones set of weapons or other property.
In order to move up to a competitive status, they have to spend a small amount for
each weapon, armor, ammunition, etc. etc.

According to most studies, the free to play model is catching up to, and in some
cases, overtaking the traditional subscription games.  I wonder what took the
pubishers so long to figure this out?  I thought it was common knowledge that
you ‘recruit’ with freebies, then nickel and dime them to death. LOL.

Americans Are Immune To Gambling Addiction!

Actually there is no such thing as a gambling addiction just as there is no
such thing as an online game addiction.  The psychologists want to believe
that gambling addiction is real since it creates tons of lucrative work for
them, including private consulting, corporate consulting, seminars and book
sales, but as with online game playing, there is no solid evidence of any
physical addiction.






Nevertheless, a research group did a large telephone survey recently that paralleled
a telephone survey done 10 years ago regarding gambling habits.


First, it must be recognized that gambling opportunities have increased immensely
in those last ten years.  Land-based casinos have multiplied like bunnies. Online
virtual casinos around the world give everyone with internet access a chance to
place a bet.  And it is not just casino games, it is also betting on sports like
football, soccer, basketball, baseball, car racing.  At some online bookie sites
you can even bet on the weather at the Olympics and the results of an election.


However, the results of this recent study show that there has been no significant
rise in the cases of problem gambling in America!  Thus, Americans seem to be
immune to the fictitious illness of gambling addiction.



“We compared results from two nationwide telephone surveys,
conducted a decade apart, “We found no significant increase
in the rates of problem gambling in the US, despite a nationwide
increase in gambling opportunities.”

~ John W. Welte, senior research scientist at the
Research Institute on Addictions at University at Buffalo.




Massive Data Breach From Onlne Games!

Again and again, this happens!  There is no stopping the online hackers!  Police
in S. Korea are reporting that over 220 million data files with personal information
on about 27 million S. Koreans, (over half of S. Korea’s population) was stolen from
online game publishers.  The names of the games was not published.






There is an inherent problem with online games, in that, they are lagging the rest
of the online world when it comes to security and prevention of hacks.  This is not
to say that the rest of the internet is 100% secure, far from it, so take that into
consideration also.


The point is that game developers are so focused on graphics and realism of the
characters and the environment, that they forsake much security.  The game publishers
could do more, but they are focused on getting more players and soaking those players
for more cash.


So basically, it is a hackers dream come true.


One of the hackers that was apprehended admitted to hacking into 6 online games and
stealing about $400,000 from those games.
I hope he had fun, because he will have to forfeit that money immediately and then
pack his bag for a few years in prison, then a few more on probation probably with
a prohibition of using any device that could connect to the internet.