ONLINE GAMES: Mobile vs PCs?

What do you think?  Which are used more, mobile devices or PCs to play online
games?  Keep in mind the huge internet cafes that are kept in business simply
due to young people spending hours there playing games on the PCs.


In the states, just about everyone has a PC, some homes have two more more, including
the laptops.  But in Asian countries, everyone has a smart phone with complete access
to all the online games, plus, the Asian countries have those internet cafes on every


Well, the verdict is in, at least for the Asian region of the world, mobile wins!

According to the report by Niko Partners, mobile game players now outnumber online
PC game players in the Asian region 119 million to 97 million.

This is easy to see, since the Asian broadband providers are selling smart phones for less
that $100 and payable in monthly installments of just $6.00US for 12 months, with no
credit check.  And a typical deal like that comes with 300 minutes of calls and 300
texts every month included.  After a year, the owner can just buy a new one and give
the old one to a sibling or whatever.  That’s why even little kids have smart phones
in some Asian countries.

Half Of Bitcoin Transactions Are For Gambling!!!

This is not too surprising actually, considering the vast majority of money
going into online betting is coming from the US and the US government has
made it a crime to make a payment for gambling with banks, credit cards, or
any other traditional payment method like Western Union.  All those payment
methods are against the law in US with heavy fines for the payment processor
and prison time for the bettor.


Bitcoins, on the other hand, are not under the jurisdiction of the US government
or ANY countries government.  Bitcoins are completely self-contained, monetary
system not dependent or accountable to anyone else.  So, the gamblers are looking
for more and more gambling websites, (offshore of course is the only place nowadays),
that will accept Bitcoins.  And more and more online casinos and poker rooms are
accepting Bitcoings. Why not?

Bitcoins are anonymous and easily converted to US dollars or any other currency
of the bettors choice for a nominal fee.



“according to a blog post written by Jeremy Liew, a partner at a venture capital firm
called Lightspeed Venture partners, transactions from SatoshiDice accounted for s
omewhere between 25 percent and over 50 percent of all Bitcoin transactions in the
month of June 2013.” ~



Also from Jeremy Liew:
“Satoshi Dice accounts for somewhere between 25-50
percent of all network traffic by transaction volume,
depending on the distribution of bets, but we think
that the distribution of bets is toward the higher
probability of winning, so more like 50 percent than
25 percent”

I Killed My Son So I Could Play Online Games!

This man is sick beyond any doubt.  He is a game addict, if there is any
such thing which I strongly doubt.  Yes, I know, most psychologists will
say that online gaming can be addicting, but there is no physiological
evidence to that end.  There is NO physical addiction!  Playing games
online in an internet cafe is just a choice that each person makes at
any given time.


This man, in S. Korea decided that playing online games in the internet
cafe was more important to him than the life of his infant son!  Why was
this man left as caretaker of a two-year old baby?  Where is the mother?
Where are the grandparents?

The man, Mr Chung, confessed to suffocating the infant by placing his hand
over the baby’s mouth and nose.  Then put the baby into a plastic trash bag
and into a suitcase so that he could dispose of it.

Mr Chung had already reported the baby missing and on a follow up visit by
the police, the baby’s body was found right at Chung’s house.

According to police, Mr Chung’s reason for killing his baby son was so that
he could go back to the internet cafe and play more games.

What Is World Of Warcraft?

“World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing
game (MMORPG) released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment.” ~


World of Warcraft is actually part of a long series of games published by Blizzard
Entertainment starting back in the late 1990s.  All of the series are based on
violent shooting and killing.  That is what makes World of Warcraft so very popular,
especially to young males; they love the violence and the sex.



Supposedly, World of Warcraft had 12 million subscriptions in October 2010. This
has likely fallen since many players have migrated to free-to-play games that
endeavor to be as bloody as World of Warcraft.  In fact, in January of last year,
Blizzard announced that 100 million accounts had been creatd over the course of
the games lifetime.  That means that 88 million have left World of Warcraft over
the games lifetime.  This is not a statistic that I would have chosen to publish.



In any case, World of Warcraft remains the world’s most-subscribed MMORPG,
and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers.



So why is World of Warcraft so popular?  It has very realistic graphics, it has
a huge variety of missions for the players to choose from it is as violent
as can be AND it can be sexy!