No Such Thing As Gambling Addictions!

A woman in UK needed some money because her husband lost his job which was
paying good and covered all the bills.  They were living a decent life until
that point.  Her husband found another job, but it pay only half of his former



The wife saw an ad for bingo on TV and decided to give it a try.  On just her
second play for 40 GBP, she won the jackpot of 10,000 GBP.  With any normal
human being, that would have been the end of the bingo since that 10,000 GBP
would last them for months and months.

But this woman has a weak mind.  She figured she could do it again and she
got into the online betting casino; the slots.  No one wins at slots.  Duh!
Well, actually, she did win once in awhile, but she went through all of the
initial 10,000 GBP and all other winnings went back into more betting.  She
simply increased her bets in order to make up for her losses.

One year later she was 40,000 GBP in debt with credit cards all max’ed out.
She confessed to her husband and he supported her, but he demanded that she stop.
She could not stop!  Why?  Was there a signal coming from an alien mother ship
that was controlling her mind?  This was NOT heroin!  Not opium.  This was NOT
a physical addiction.  She just chose to continue with her stupidity.


There is no such thing as gambling addiction!


One BILLION Dollars Just To Watch Games!

Not long ago, Amazon, everyone has heard of them, paid almost 1 BILLION dollars, ($970,000,000),
for a website called  Where Twitch got is’s name we do not know, but it is actually
a spinoff of the now defunct



“Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch
Interactive, a subsidiary of Introduced in June
2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform…” ~



Twitch averages 55 million monthly viewers watching more than 15 billion minutes of 900,000
other people playing games.  This is so crazy and so odd that it requires a bit of clarity.
The 55 million viewers are NOT playing games, they are simply watching other people play
games.  Playing online games has become a spectator sport, including competitions. It would
not surprise us to learn that the bookies are taking bets on the game results.



Although, we find it odd that people are interested in watching other plays online games,
maybe it is not so much different than watching others play a football or basketball game.
For Amazon, it made perfect sense for them to buy Twitch since it gives Amazon access to
55 million more potential customers every month.



Gamer Earns 4 Million Per Year!

Yup, it is a bit crazy, but it is true.  Video games are so popular that the best
players become celebrities.  One website that aids this celebrity status is Twitch
which broadcasts gamers playing their games and people actually flock to Twitch
in order to watch others play video games. Duh!


People watching people play online games!

Nevertheless, one such celebrity player named PewDiePie, (sort of wishy-washy name),
has become such a bit hit that his youtube channel it the most viewed channel of all
time and has 30 million subscribers!  Amazing!  PewDiePis is a 24 year old guy who’s
real name is Felix Kjellberg and he is a superstar in the online game world. It has
been reported that through merchandising and sponsorship Kjellberg earns $4 million
a year. That is not too shabby for a 24 year old kid playing games online; an activity
that he would do for free.



Another big name, at least in the UK, is Tom Cassell, he is said to be the most
prominent player in the UK and he is known on youtube as TheSyndicateProject. Tom
has had enormous success with getting people to watch him play Minecraft, a game
involving contruction of just about anything you can make out of bricks.  Reminds
me of legos, always a challenge to built things with only rectangular bricks.

Other player stream their game play to views and solicit donations for a charity.


I guess it is a win win for everyone.