What Is Roulette Gambling?

The title might seem like a stupid question since most people hear of roulette
at a very young age, at least in the western countries, but what exactly is the
game?  Where did it come from?  Why is it called roulette?




Roulette is a game played mostly in casinos named after the French word meaning
small wheel.  Mostly in casinos, but not exclusively in casinos.  Many a man has
got his hands on a roulette wheel for his home and invited a few friends over.
Once the word of this gets around, more and more ‘friends’ show up to play the
game and spend their money.  This is, of course, illegal and sooner or later,
law enforcement will hear about it and bust the owner and all his friends.

During the days of Prohibition, (of alcohol), many small drinking and betting
houses were set up.  They were not in the public’s eye.  Ofter in run down
neighborhoods so as to blend in with the poor and unpriviledge homes.  Usually,
these drinking parlors would be equiped with several roulette wheels and also
a few card tables for poker games.

The roulette wheel actually goes way back to the 1600’s when Blaise Pascal
introduced a primitive form of roulette in his search for a perpetual motion machine.
Pascal’s wheel was not called roulette though.  That name did not appear until
the idea of the wheel found it’s way to Paris.  The frend loved it and named it.

U.S. Games Block Chinese Traffic!

More and more games publishers are blocking Chinese traffic, basically for bad
behavior.  Certainly the Chinese are not the only gamers with bad behavior, but
the Chinese often bring nothing positive to the game environment.  They gold
mine, they vandalize, and they do not always speak fluent English which means
that they are more likely to team up with other Chinese ONLY.


Let’s face it, China, being repressed by a Communist goverment is not always fun
and it’s sort of a rough and tumble place to be born and raised.  One needs to
fend for himself quickly or be eaten by the bigger fish.  It is survival of the



That is why Chinese gamers choose to login to a game-server outside of their own
country, they find the non-Chinese players more docile, more passive, not so much
hungry-killers.  So, by getting on a western game-server, they can avoid their
own kind and at the same time, find vulnerable, softer targets for their hostility.



Of course, it is not ALL Chinese that we are talking about, but it only takes a
few bad apples to spoin the barrel.  And given the immense population of China
and the overwhelming number that are into games: over 200 MILLION, there are
plenty of bad apples to deal with.

Gamers Made Money With Game Now Facing Jail Time!

Three young men, one is 18yo, the other two just 17 yo have been cheating in
a FPS, (first person shooter), game called Sudden Attack by Nexon.  They made
money by earning credits in the game because they were cheating and they earned
even more money by selling the software cheats that they were using.

Financially, they did alright for themselves, but somehow the police caught wind
of their activities and are bringing criminal charges against them.  Most likely
for the distribution of malware or some such thing since cheating in a game, in
itself, is not a crime that we know of.


One of the biggest newspapers in Japan claims that this is the first time criminal
charges have ever been brought for using in-game cheats.

They are young and although they certainly knew that they were doing something
wrong, they probably thought it was just the games rules that they were breaking,
not the law.  On the other hand, distribution of malware might very well be
against the law in Japan.  There may be other crime-details that were not revealed
in the news article based on their young age.

Start Your Own Gambling Website And Get Rich Fast!!

Sure, I would love to set up a gambling website, take in bets on auto-pilot
and send out the meager winnings to the suckers while I shop around for my
new yacht. LOL  I could set the website up in two days probably.  It would
take that only because I would want it to look very professional.  The software
that runs the games, slots, poker machines, roulette wheels, etc. is already
available for a price.



A gambling website is big business.  Very lucrative. I could probably bring
in a few hundred thousand dollars per year.  There is just one little problem,



But for some reason, there are people out there that did not get that memo!
They totally believe that they can set up a gambling operation online and
offline and they think that they will never be caught!  Is the criminal mind
just plain stupid?  I mean, I can understand a man that steals a loaf of bread
to feed his family, but some of these criminal want to get rich fast.



A Boulder County, Colorado man has been arrested for doing what I just described.
He took in over $300,000 in bets in three years.  We do not know how much he
had to pay out in winnings.  Court documents are sealed.