Robber Caught By Video Game!

Tempe, Arizona.

Here’s a good one.  Two guys break into a home at 5am and for some reason,
the two residents were awake and one of them was playing a video game.  At
5am?  Gees!



Image for illustration only.



The thieves that broke in, locked the two residents in a bedroom with plans
to take them to a bank later in order to withdraw money.  (Great plan, duh).
I always wonder how these criminal minds come up with these stupid plans
and what sort of ignorance causes them to think they will never be caught?



Anyways, what the thieves did not realize was that the game’s webcam was
streaming the entire event all over the world. LOL.  It was the friends
in the game that saw what was happening that called the police.  How the
friends knew the exact location of the crime scene we do not know.



When the police arrived both theives tried to flee. One was caught, but
the other one is still not found as of this writing.  Probably, the thief
that they caught will spill his guts.  Plus, the cops can just start checking
with all this guys friends in order to find the other thief.

Want Virtual Sex In Online Game?

Yes, you can have virtual sex online at Red Light Center which is part
of Utherverse.  The Red Light Center is perfect virtual replica of Amsterdam’s
red light district.  Everything is allowed, not just wild, crazy sex. You
can smoke pot or whatever you want.  And of course, you can be always beautiful,
young, rich, and successful.



It is YOUR fantasy so you have it anyway that you want it.  The avatar’s bodies
can be customized YOUR WAY!  They are anatomically accurate. Since, sex is
expected, there are plenty of private rooms and other places where sex can
be had in private, of course.  Maybe a threesome is more to your taste? No
problem.  Would you rather have sex in public?  No problem.  In an airplane?
In the back seat of a car going 100mph?  Anything you want, it is virtual.


“It’s your ability to live out your fantasy. We allow
users to do anything they could do in real life with
their bodies.  We decided that in the virtual world,
everything should be as consequence-free as possible,
so we programmed a button in that you could press to
get rid of the hangover from smoking pot, when you’re
tired of the effect.”
~ Utherverse’s CEO and founder Brian Shuster told IBTimes UK.


UK Slams High Tax On Offshore Internet Casinos!

“It is unacceptable that gambling companies can avoid
UK taxes by moving offshore, and the Government is taking
decisive action to ensure this can no longer happen.
These reforms will ensure that remote gambling operators
who have UK customers make a fair contribution to the
public finances.”

~ Economic Secretary to the Treasury Sajid Javid said.






Yes, well, that is only fair I suppose.  I wonder what took the UK
government so long to impose the tax?  Anyways, the new 15% tax is
the same as domestic online casinos pay, but the offshore companies,
most based in Gibraltar, have been paying only 1% there.  So, this
will be a shock to them!



The new tax is estimated to bring in £300,000,000, ($398,940,000), for the
UK government.  That should pay for the officials golf vacations. lol



Isn’t it interesting how quickly the politicians can pass a law that will
bring in millions of dollars, but when it comes to passing a law that will
actually help the citizens, they have to debate for years, then add all
that pork barrel appropriations to it. They say that love makes the world
go ’round, but I think it is the money that makes the world go ’round