PERVERT ALERT! Man Forces Young Girls To Perform Sex Online!

The headline on cbsnewyork reads:
“Queens Man Accused Of Forcing Young Girls To Perform Sex Acts In Online ‘Game’”






And the man admits to it.  He tricked seven, (or more), young girls to play
a sexual game on the internet.  The ages of the girls was not revealed so far,
but they must have been pretty young to fall for his trickery.  All he did
was tell them it is a game where they can earn points.  First, just smile
and earn some points.  But then it escalated to touch here and do this or
that to earn BIG points.



And of course, this pervert video recorded them for his later pleasures.


The charges against him:

  • using a child in a sexual performance,
  • promoting sexual performances by a child,
  • and possessing a sexual performance by a child,



He is being held on $1 million bond or $750,000 cash and is facing up
to 15 years in prison if convicted.  Good luck in prison buddy!  Even
those ruthless harden criminals in prison hate child abusers.



“This defendant is alleged to have coached seven young
girls who he met online to perform various types of
sexual acts which he then videotaped – convincing the
girls that they were playing a game,”
~ Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown

Nintendo Bans Same-Sex Marriage!

Some people might say that all this liberalism has gone too far, but it
is what it is.  Same-sex relationships are acceptable, at least, in the
legal sense and in the politically-correct sense.



Nintendo had a great idea.  Create a life-simulation game where the
player’s avatars could meet for friendship, flirting, dating, get married,
and even have children.  It is called: Tomodachi Life.  Tomodachi is
Japanese for ‘friends’.  Then, after it becomes popular, export it to US.




Just one problem, they did not allow same-sex relationships.  Ooopsie!
Disallowing same-sex ANYTHING is a BIG problem nowadays.  As can be
expected, tons of rights groups led by the LGBT, (lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and transgender), organization made a big scene over this.  The only ones
praising it were the religious-right groups.



Even with all the public pressure, Nintendo said it is not possible to
modify the game to include same-sex relationships.  They said that it
would be too complicated.  Boohoo!  But they said that they would do
better next time.



Nintendo’s statement:
“We pledge that if we create a next installment in the
Tomodachi series, we will strive to design a game-play
experience from the ground up that is more inclusive,
and better represents all players”


NOTE: Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company.
NOTE: Same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan.



Violent Online Gambling Ring BUSTED!!!

Some guys just do not get it!  I mean, just about every week or at least,
every month, there is more news about illegal gambling and bookmaking
which lead to arrests and prison terms, but, nevertheless, some guys think
they are so clever that the FBI will not catch them.



Guys, the FBI has been busting illegal crime rings for a long time, over the
years, they took down the mafia which was huge!  FBI agents are all college
educated and the organization has decades of experience.  They know every
trick in the book and have all sorts of legal tools and resources to assist
them.  You think that you can out manuever them?  LOL.


Anyways, a violent illegal online gambling ring was recently busted in California
and Peru.  See?  They thought if the money is in Peru, the FBI would not notice.
So, the FBI placed a few uncover agents as bettors. They ran up some debt and they
recorded all the action and all the threats to their lives if they don’t pay up.
It is all on recordings admissable in court.  Goodbye suckers. Have fun in
prison for the next 20 years.  A total of 18 men were arrested in the operation.
Two more were apprehended in Peru, their headquarters and “brains” of the
illegal gambling scheme.

16 Year Old Facebook Girl Strangles BF In Sex Game!

Truly, it does not get any stranger than this!  A 16 year old girl who
goes by Xenia Mex on Facebook met a 43 year old man, reportedly in
Facebook online games. Ummm, no problem with that age gap there?
Obviously, the man had a warped sense of what a healthy relationship
should be.  But then, he was in this relationship for kinky sex and,
even though she was just 16, she was a willing participant.  This is
typical of some demented, perverted men. They desire sex with a young
girl.  Not pedophilia, that is defined as obsession with prepubescent
children.  In this case, it is child sexual abuse and rape of a minor.



Jessica Burlews, the 16 yo girl lived with her mother, Tracey Woodside
in a decent neighborhood in Glendale, Arizona.  Now get this, if it is
not bad enough that this guy was 43 years old dating a 16 year old girl,
Jessica’s mother was there with them, and left them there alone. She
KNEW of the age gap and she knew that the relationship was for kinky
sex. The mother admitted to police that her daughter and the man-friend
would engage in auto-erotic asphyxiation games prior to having sex.




Now, add to that her mother’s statement that her daughter, Jessica,
suffers from schizophrenia and autism and you have a really bizzare



So, Jessica put the noose around the guys neck, but then he lost
consciousness and things got out of control.  Dead!