REVIEW: Sony’s PlayStation 4!

“…stunning visuals and a cleaner user interface, the
PS4 is a significant step up from the PlayStation 3—for
gaming. As for entertainment, it doesn’t give you much
more than the previous-generation PS3 offers.”



Most people that have seen the PlayStation 4, (PS 4), really enjoyed it,
but I am wondering why it took Sony so long to move from PS3 to PS4?




Here is what you get for $400:

PlayStation 4 console
A power cord
A HDMI cable
DualShock 4 controller
Charging cable
30-day trial of PlayStation Plus
Music Unlimited
$10 to spend in the PlayStation Store
A quick-start guide
And a safety guide



Setting it up and get playing!
Yes, plug it in first. Then plug in the HDMI cable and power on.  Easy right?
At that point instructions will come on the screen to help you set up your
controller and how to get connected to the internet.  Very easy to follow.


Then there are advanced setup instructions in order to sync your PS4 account
with your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, if you choose. Okay,
you are ready to play!



Now you are all set up and you should see some tiles that symbolize apps and
games that are immediately available to you, including a web browser.

What Is Online Poker Game?

Poker is a card game played with the standard 52-card deck.  There are hundreds
of variations of poker, but they all have the same intent, and that is to gamble.
Online poker is the same card game, but played on the internet.  There is a big
difference between in-person poker in a poker room, be it in a casino or a smoke
filled backroom and playing the same game online.  That difference is that in the
strategy of all variations of poke, bluffing is the most important aspect and one
is severely limited in bluffing online.



Sure, you could just toss in a large bet to scare off the other poker players,
but without the face-to-face experience, there is nothing else to judge. Let’s
face it, it is not just he who placing the biggest bet that actually has the
best hand, (or hopes to).  In poker, the skill is judging the other players’
facial expressions and reactions.  Their twitching hands, fingers, their restless
arms, and squirming in their seats.  All of that has to be taken into consideration
and it can NOT be done online.



Even still, there is no shortage of poker players online.  It is just too much
fun to pass up and too much trouble to get yourself out of the house and to the
nearest brick and mortar casino.

What Is First Person Shooter Online Games?

A First Person Shooter game, also known as FPS, is an online game where the
player’s perspective is through the eyes of the protagonist, the main character,
rather than seeing the main character itself on the screen. An example is the

image below, where the player would see his own rifle, but not see his own

character in full.  This is FIRST PERSON!



The first First Person Shooter game was Maze War back in the early 1970s.  It was
very popular, but ten years later a First Person Shooter game was release with
3D; named ‘Wolfenstein 3D’. A few of the more trend setting first person shooter
games have been Doom, Quake, and Half-Life.



First person shooter games are typically action based and depend on guns and other
weapons.  As the first person shooter category matured, the violence increased
to the point where some first person shooter games are now sometimes blamed for
violent gun crimes in real life.



Many third-party, independent studies have been done over long periods to determine
if game violence does or does not contribute to real life violence and all of the
studies so far have concluded that the violent games do NOT contribute to off
line, real life violence.



Even with all this independent evidence, there are still some conservative groups,
such as, religious organizations that object to the in-game shooting.