1.5 Million Accounts Deleted For Online Game Cheating!!

Astoundishing!  Incredible!  What else can we say?  Why would so many players
cheat at their favorite game?  They know that if they are caught, they will
lose their account. What’s up?  They don’t care about their account?  They
have more accounts?


While we do not have all the answers to those questions, there are two things
we do know. First, that players cheat in their online games because they want to win and
they think everyone else is cheating also.  Second, cheating is a BIG problem
for game developers and game publishers.





One company, called Steam, built a great anti-cheating system years ago and even
to their own surprise, detected over 10,000 cheating attempts in just one single
week.  Over the years, Steam, and any game that integrates with Steam, has deleted
over 1.5 million accounts for in-game cheating.

The costs of the in-game cheating is staggering. Some experts say it is in the
billions of dollars world-wide.  In just one example, last year, a woman in Tennessee
used a stolen credit card to purchase $4,500 in virtual buildings, crops, and
animals in the Facebook game, Farmville.  That is just one!  Now imagine tens of
thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands pulling off big cheats and little cheats
that all add up.

GAMBLING: Banks Shut Down Casinos!!!

Wow!  Everything was going so well for legalized online gambling in New
Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada.  The Atlantic City casinos spent millions
on advertising on TV, radio, buses, billboards, local newspapers, you
name it, they put an ad there for the new online gambling.


But wait,  although the US federal government flip flopped on the relevance
of online gambling and the Wire Act of 1961, (making it a state-by-state
decision), they did NOT flip flop on the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement
Act of 2006  which prohibits banks, credit card companies, and other
financial organizations from accepting payments marked for gambling.
And, of course, state laws can not override federal law, so, “SORRY, TRANSACTION DENIED!”.





Most major financial institutions like American Express, Wells Fargo and J.P.
Morgan Chase are blatantly refusing to take any payments for gambling in any
state, no matter what that state laws claims.



So, basically, the online gambling businesses in all three states that have
made it legal are out of business!  They are right back to square one. Isn’t
it odd that all these fancy casinos with their high-prices law firms did not
think of this?  Pathetic actually.  But maybe the lawyers kept quiet seeing
the possibility of more fee-earning litigation.  LOL.



Oh well, they will sort it eventually.  Life goes on.



REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto Online!

Grand Theft Auto is an open world action-adventure video game series. The
term ‘open world’ is a video game expression meaning that the player can
roam freely through various scenes versus most games that have a more linear,
sequential game play where the player does one mission and then is assigned
the next mission.  This open world freedom sets Grand Theft Auto apart from
most online role playing games and is cherished by it’s players.



Most of the play in Grand Theft Auto is set in fictional US cities, such as,
Liberty City, Vice City, or San Andreas.  Overall, Grand Theft Auto has been
and still is, one of the most popular online games.  It has everything, high
speed car chases, theft, betrayal, espionage, guns, fires, explosions, and
more violence than you could shake a gun at.  That is what people want. Grand
Theft Auto recently upgraded itself to 3D and has won tons and tons of applause
from experts all over the world for it’s realism and accuracy of the in-game


There has even been a book written about Grand Theft Auto; Jacked: The Outlaw
Story of Grand Theft Auto, written by David Kushner, published in 2012.

Infected Games = Infected Computer!

“Online games carry the same risks of all online software
we use: browsers, Java plug-ins, Flash, and document viewers.
These attacks mirror the everyday attacks we see, users
are tricked into opening a corrupted Excel spreadsheet
sent as an attachment, or to click on a link that launches
a Java exploit” said Chris Wysopal, co-founder and chief technology
officer of Boston-based security company Veracode.






But I only play one game, World Of Warcraft!  That does not get you off the
hook.  Virus’ often come in updates, new weapons, etc. etc.  And that can
happen in ANY online game.  The malware coders find it easier to target the
game publisher in many cases.  Whether you are playing World of Warcraft,
Grand Theft Auto, Code of Honor, Battlefield 3, or others, including Second
Life and Facebook games, you are at risk everytime you login.



So, what to do?  Give up games?  Throw them out the window?  No, the best
defense is your own awareness of the risk and taking appropriate actions.



Keep you anti-virus program and it’s definitions uptodate.



Whenever you download something, right click on the filename and you should see
a menu with the option to run your virus program on just that file.