New Jersey’s Multi-Million Dollar Gamble!

Since New Jersey legalized online gambling, it is just about impossible
to avoid the advertising.  You would expect some ads on TV, sure, but in
this case, the Atlantic City casinos have left no stone unturned.  It is
TV, radio, large banner ads on local-based websites, local newspapers,
the sides of buses, billboards, etc. etc.  And the message is the same
everywhere: “Online gambling is legal in New Jersey and you should give
it a try”.  And some of this advertising is bleeding over into neighboring
states.  The casinos want them to come visit and while here, get online
and give us your money.





Advertising works, that is a fact of life, so we will see how this huge
media blitz pays off.  This is a big deal for the Atlantic City casinos.
They are spending millions of dollars in order to get their online gambling
off the ground and in order to do that as fast as possible.  What is the
big rush?  Many experts have said that it just won’t work out.  They say
it will not bring in the revenue that has been predicted and that it will
just take customers away from the brick and mortar casinos.


But the gambling industry knows it’s customers.  They know that gamblers
will gamble more money and more often it you make it easy.

A Facebook Girl Plots Family Murder!

An Alabama girl, Mirissa, 19 years old, was caught plotting her family’s
murder, although massacre is a better word for it.  This is really the
pinnacle of human stupidity.  It is sad that anyone in the 2000’s could
be this blatantly stupid.


What happened?  This girl was living with her aunt, (and the aunt’s
boyfriend), probably because she could not be dealt with back home.
So, this girl is always playing games on Facebook and talking to boys
that she does not know.  And usually inviting the boy to visit her
and usually offering to have sex with the boy.  This happens within
the first meeting online.  Duh!



Her aunt found out about this, so Marissa blocked her aunt on Facebook.

Next boy that Marissa met online was surprised that Marissa was so
friendly, so quickly.  Marissa invited the boy to her house, offered
to get drunk together, and offered to have sex with him.  She also
ask him to fake kidnap her and shoot dead her aunt and boyfriend.



Just one thing Marissa overlooked; her new boy friend was actually her
aunt in disguise.  Her aunt was so shocked she immediately called the
cops for help.  The rest of this story can be found in the court
records and jailhouse logs.

ONLINE GAMES: What Is Call Of Duty?

Have you ever wondered what your kid is talking about when he starts ranting
and raving about Call Of Duty?


Call of Duty, (COD for short), is what known as a first-person shooter game.
First-person shooter (aka: FPS), just means that as you play you see the
environment through your own eyes, you do not see your avatar, you just see
the whole scene on your screen.



Call of Duty is actually a series of games, rather than just one.  Starting
in 2003, many “episodes” have been released.  The first three versions were
themed on WW2 and lately, the fourth version is out: Modern Warfare. This
one is geared more towards futuristic weapons and terrorist revolutions.



Call of Duty has sold more than 100 million copies and continues to be one
of the most popular first-person-shooter games on the market.  Interestingly,
Call of Duty has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. With multiplayer
mode, you can meet up with like minded shooters are take on missions as a



Of course there are plenty of people that say violent games are dangerous,
but, let’s face it, boys love to shoot.  Before they got their first game,
they probably had a toy gun and ran around the yard shooting invisible,
make-believe Indians, or bad guys of some sort, maybe aliens.  It is just
what kids do.